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bendy and the ink machine; chapter two


That does put things in a bit of a different perspective, don't it?

Good to see the ol' boy up and at 'em, though. Just a shame it'll be another few months before we get anything more.
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[Wow you're a creepy molded that can talk...Ethan is just going to stare for a second before he realizes that this not a creature of Evie's imagination...

It could be?

This is a conundrum.]

Well, at least there's promise.

[He pauses]

I'm talking to a Molded.
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[This is what Mickey Mouse would've been if someone else had the reins. Ethan doesn't know how to feel about this]

Pleasure to meet you...Mr. Dancing Demon. I think...I might be hallucinating.
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[He's still very concerned about you Bendy]

So if you're so famous, do you have merchandise or something?

[Maybe Mia might like it?]
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Oh, like Spaghetti-Os? I haven't eaten all night.

[Bacon soup sounds like something the Bakers would eat so noooooo thank you]

I bet my wife like a little doll of yours...where do I buy one of these?

[Ethan no. Ethan, you just came out of a bayou hellhole. Your love of Mia makes you stupid]
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I'll have to check ebay then!

[Granted it's probable that those who own Bendy dolls might be cursed but eh, not mold means safe, right? Right. He's just a systems engineer]

Can you do your song and dance routine? I dunno if I can pay you or your creators but she's...had a rough three years.

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[welp. this is.

this is pretty fucked up, and this is Charlie saying this.]

People really seem to like ruining good things, don't they?

Hope your friend's all right. I mean, he seems like he is, but...yeah.

[Bleh. What are words.]
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["but one of the people who was working on you broke reality"
"but there is a literal ink demon running around"
"but one guy got turned into a monster and then killed"]

Well, if you say so.

[She's talking to an actual cartoon. Cartoon logic is not the same as human logic. Getting knocked out and almost sacrificed is...normal, isn't it.]

That guy's probably got a headache, though.
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[yeah, she remembers. saturday mornings, eyyyyyyyy.]

Guess so. If they don't go for a sequel, that is.

[sequels are hell.]
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["there is if your creator's gone and signed a three-book deal."]

You've got that right.

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...Lotsa new stuff. Surprises.

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Hi, Bendy. [They do have a smile for him, if small.

What? Talking to somebody once doesn't make a friendship?

Who says?]

Lots, lots. Didn't think there was gonna be other humans.
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Only three? [Is that gonna be enough?]

Didn't think they were gonna show new...ink...new...new characters who aren't human, either. Didn't think it was gonna get so big. Oh, and and and I like that they showed the music stuff! [They love music!]
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pffft. it does sound like an old-timey nickname

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Maybe. Or maybe it'll be more chapter, even if that...Meatly...developer guy says there's not. That kinda stuff happens sometimes.

[Lookin' at you, Five Nights at Freddy's.]

So the stuff that goes into...making cartoons is gonna happen? Get shown. It's cool. I never thought 'bout all of it.

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