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The joys of Commoner Food

My dearest, darling Princess,

I have been delighted in the past by the commoner's cooking with inexpensive ingredients or items on sale thanks to my little girl, but you have certainly peaked my curiosity while you have been studiously preparing for this potluck -- which also, my dearest, has me interested -- that you've been preparing for this evening. You have fastidiously prepared this "Hamburger Helper" and placed it into your beloved "Crock Pot" for tomorrow.

However, I must insist that it is a grievous crime to not leave any aside for me to try! I have survived instant coffee, so I believe that I would most certainly survive this boxed concoction that you happen to have loved since your childhood. It is a crime! It is a travesty! Surely, the other members of the Host Club would also love to partake in this mystery meal you have prepared out of the kindness of your heart. You a paragon of decency! A saint in your own right and I would happily have any of my beloved guests try it.


[Mun has unleashed a monster. Help!]
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[Mun and muse are both giggling and highly amused.]

Laying it on a little thick there, aren't you? I mean, there's guilt-tripping, and then there's acting like an extra in a play.

[Says someone with a drama-streak herself there, Lyds.]

Ignoring what my own mun says above, I think you'll do fine.
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[Lydia is highly amused still, giggling and offering a curtsey of her own as she accepts the rose.]

Well, my mun is assuring me you're not from some kind of older time--so what do you mean by commoner?

[Then the topic of cooking comes up.]

Oh no. No no no, you do not WANT me to cook. I'm better than my mother, but no thank you. Not that much.
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[ Sorry, senpai, but the one word answer and the uninterested look is all you're getting for now. Haruhi isn't sure why her mun looks so giddy, but that usually means danger.

Besides, she has dound that sometimes it's best not to feed into Tamaki's schemes. ]
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[The helmeted woman seems a bit uncomfortable by all this attention. It's a little hard to tell, considering the visor blocking the view, but the way her shoulders shrink and twist is still a bit telling.

Then again, Tamaki's never been the most perceptive of tells, has he?

Still, she manages to raise her phone with a message in reply to be read.

Please. I'm not sure it will be any good. Just tell me how it tastes.

[It seems, in spite of his letter, there is still a little bit left to partake in.]
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[She squirms uncomfortably. It's both his enthusiasm and her nerves about her cooking skill that have her on edge and it's hard to say which is rising higher.]

I thought it would be easy to try. Just cook the meat and mix the seasoning and other things in the package, right?

[All she has to do is cook the meat until it's brown, right? Sounds simple.]
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What even is a hamburger and why would it need help?
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That actually sounds really good!

...Much better than all the mushroom dishes my Uncle keeps trying to force into my diet!
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... Dude.

[That's honestly all he can muster right now.]
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[A pointless endeavor and he knows it, but it's the principal of the thing.]

Yeah, uh... Hamburger Helper is really not that big a deal. It's just cheap noodles mixed with cheap meat for a cheap meal.
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[Tamaki, your ranting has amused a fellow aristocrat. Dorian Gray, to be exact. Thankfully, he has CR in Eway, otherwise he would have no idea what you're talking about.]

You know, Tamaki, you could easily send someone to the grocery shop and have them buy a box or two. Saves you the trouble of begging like a pauper.

[This mun likes the beef pasta flavor, fyi. What did you make?]