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Do you really think moving me from one war to another will do me any good The only thing that wi/ll change is who's blood covers my boots.
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Tanya~! Throws all my pups at you <3

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Aren't you a rambunctious type.
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It's a poor response.
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...But you're just a kid.

Isn't War kind of a scary thing for someone like you to be thinking about?
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[Yeesh, she sounds pretty grown up. Maybe she shouldn't take the kid so likely.]

S-Sorry. I didn't mean to put you down like that. So uh... how exactly does someone get to be made a soldier so young? That kind of thing isn't very common even from where I'm from.
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[So I hear you have experience with gods huh?]

Humans. I guess there are some things about you that never change no matter the era.

[Speaking from a broad sense of course, can't forsake the entire species when she helped mold them into being]
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Oh, I'm sure you are.
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None of that would be necessary, I didn't realize your ego was so fragile.

[Lucoa believes her alright. Doesn't really change the situation one way or another]

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[And in mere instant and a twirl of her index finger she summons a spear and it's hurled towards Tanya only barely grazing her head and being embedded deep within the ground]

...Good thing you didn't bet anything on that notion.
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[Typical human, running their mouth until they reach something far bigger than them, and even then they might be too prideful to admit it]

I was told you have experience with gods.

[Technically she's an ex-goddess, but she doesn't need to know that]
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Believe what you want. It really doesn't affect me one way or another.

[She twirls her finger again, this time summoning a cup of tea and sips it]

I'm just here to observe.