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Det. Grace Hollingsworth ([personal profile] orthodoxies) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-18 11:26 am

Figuring out a direction...

I'm glad you're actually excited about playing me again. And not thinking of ways to torment me further or bring up my past. Nice to see we've moved beyond that stage of our relationship. But I'm looking forward to doing work, and meeting some new friends, and developing a life.

Don't forget about Peter, though. He's still the best thing I have going for me. And I still want to do cute domestic stuff with him. I mean, if a man will voluntarily come with you to Crate & Barrel, it's love right? So hopefully he won't get bored of me but...I'm not scared anymore. So go on, get to it.
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Crate & Barrel? No one has yet gotten me in there.
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Never been there either. I do see the commercials for that place. Looks a bit too pricey for my tastes.
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Doesn't that make it your place too now?
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Making a fresh start? Buy some new stuff, just make it your space too.
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Careful it's not a calm before the storm.

[ What a bright ray of sunshine he is. ]