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voice testing...may the gods have mercy on me

Ah...well, it seems you did let me out to play. I do feel quite honored, considering how many other muses you've been bringing out lately. Here I thought you weren't going to give me the time of day.

Yet here we are. Don't you worry, sweetie. I'll play nice with everyone else. I promise.
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[He steps from one foot to the other, as if anxious. Or listless.]

You deserve more than a passing "time of day."
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It is amazing how you're so good-natured about it.

[ He might be glancing around. Just to make sure that no-one is watching.



And. He moves forward, trying to keep the hug brief.

'Trying' being the operative word.

...Unless you're planning something.
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I wouldn't think that. Besides, it's not plotting, More like planning for an eventuality.

[Affectionate and loving as his sister may be, he knows she's no fool.
But. Close. Too close. For too long. Part of him is correctly wondering if she's thinking he's cute or something equally mortifying, and he's reddening in a spectacular fashion from the thought.

He wonders if only for a minute. Despite her frame, Camilla is strong. Really strong.
He's never been more aware of it than now, actually.

---Camilla. I need to breathe.
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[She probably could. And he'd never forgive her!

But she isn't. So. He clears his throat, moving one of his gloved hands to meet hers. It's a small gesture, but it's affectionate.

Please, sister. Don't say such things.

[He exhales, and looks to the side -- still (somewhat) pink at her words.]

It is a shame you're not planning... or plotting.
I missed you.
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[His self-consciousness flares again a little at the kiss, but he doesn't twist away or look (very) annoyed. Because if anything, the weirdness in his family has made him closer to his siblings, even if in the back of his mind, he'll always think the worst.]

Thank you, sister.
...And likewise. I'll always be here for you, should you ever need it... Not that you will.

[....Ugh, he said too much. Deflection, deflection.]

Your strength will never fail.
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Brynhildr is something I would never give up, but your ability to control a wyvern and swing that axe about makes you a horror on any battlefield.

[Ugh, they're exchanging compliments now! Sister of the year yes, but... Yep, he's turning slightly pink.

More than slightly.

Yep, beet.

...Ugh. Don't call me 'little', it's humiliating. I love you, too. Even if I think you're taking pleasure in this.
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[He raises his eyes to meet hers as she mentions 'outgrowing'. And his eyebrows furrow behind his thick bangs, blood-red eyes narrowing slightly.]

I'll never outgrow you. None of us will.

[He inhales, keeping his eyes on her face. She just suddenly looked so sad. Did she really worry about... that?]

Elise will always need her sister. Without you, I think she'd have gone mad by now. Xander has his responsibility, Corrin... has been locked away for so long, and I give Elise enough hell that I'm certain she's permanently not listening to me.

Xander will need you always. Although it's unseemly for him to show it, he cares for you... very much. Looking at the both of you and the way you speak, I suspect he treats you as an equal. He relies on you. [Which is more than can be said for him. He's always saw himself as inferior to his brother.]

And Corrin... [Slight pang of envy.] You have been the only good thing in Corrin's miserable life. The way you care for Corrin is... [...the source of very, very, very much envy.]

... Remarkable.


Smile, big sister. You'll be saddled with us forever, after all. And Beruka, and Selena.
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It's fine. Weak people crave attention. I am not weak.

[No wait that logic is terrible. Even he knows that logic is absolutely dreadful. Whereas yes, Camilla dotes on the others and he does feel jealous, he sought the king's attention instead. And he rose in the court... which was problematic in it's own way. He could never surpass Xander. Still.]

...No. Still, they need you more than me. Especially Corrin. I don't want to consume your time. Making Corrin's childhood right makes you happy.
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[Touché. Thankfully, she's kind enough to not speak her mind regarding that. Her younger brother's complexes are so, so many.

SPEAKING OF COMPLEXES oh boy his mother.
He's just going to look away. Because mentioning her. No.

Then a cheekpinch! He would bat her hand away, but. Instead,
he merely closes his gloved hand on her wrist.

...Please don't ever do that again.

[Sigh, release.]

Let's do something, away from the war, together. Then you don't have to waste any more time on me.

...You're right, though. Corrin had a problematic time. The rest of us had each other. I don't have any reason to complain.
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It's more that other people need you more.


...I'll only have your attention for a few hours. But, I don't want you to do anything you'd normally find boring. Likewise, I can't see myself enjoying a spa trip.

[Decisions, decisions.]

I recall once, you said something. Something about a forest... Yes. The forest of the forlorn. You mentioned you played there, when you were small. ...I'd like to go there. With you.

[He reddens.]

...If you don't mind.
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Are you babying me?

[It's an abrupt statement, and he shakes his head almost in disbelief. Whether it's at his own outburst, or something she said, he just. Hm.]

I- No. Never mind.
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[Even if it's unspoken, he gets it. She never would, but she wouldn't have to use any effort in breaking his arm.]


[Mutter, mutter.]
Fine, then. A spa trip. Though I'd thank you not to tell a soul.
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They do things in their own time, just being here means so much in the greater scheme of thing you know?
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Mine has no grand schemes for me or anyone else in their head. Just letting things "flow" as it were.

[Lucoa gives a warm smile]

I know the feeling. I know Shouta's a responsible boy but you can't help but worry you know?
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For some reason, I don't think "playing nice" means the same thing to you as it does to everybody else.
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Maybe the opposite?

I won't pretend I know what goes on in your head.
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Little? Who, me? Pah.

I'm more worried for anybody who gets on your bad side without knowing who they're dealing with.
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For the record: We're nothing alike.

[Denial forever.]