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On evil things in Canon

You're being ridiculous.

Avoiding the issue isn't going to change what happens. matter what, don't stop.

[ Potential spoilers in comments, but I'll try to avoid them! ]
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So... This was posted forever ago but hopefully it's not too late to tag!

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Don't stop what?

[ Here, have a curious as always Nines. ]

Uh... Something up, 2B?
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Yay! :D

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[ Yeah, he's not convinced. ]

I mean, I get that you prefer keeping this aloof, cool sort of vibe and all? But usually when I'm told not to "worry" about something, nine times out of ten, I was right to be worried.

I am a top-of-the-line Scanner, you know. I see these sort of things.

If it's personal, okay. I won't pry.

But... Y'know. I'm here, and all that...
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[ He expected her to change the subject. 9S makes a little face at that, but follows along nonetheless. At her question, he shrugs. ]

My, er... Player? I guess that's the proper way to put it...

My player has been looking out for "cast mates" and potential games. I've been thrown around in a few places already.

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Confidence is an issue with yours too, huh?

I told mine the same thing. Honestly, I'm just concerned about where I'm going. They've got me in one place already but... I don't know. There hasn't been much progress on their end. PSLs seem the most effective.

Very effective, actually. Not sure why those stopped.
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INFINITE LOVE <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 DO NOT TEST MY LIMITS!!!!!

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Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Their activity was far more frequent in a closed setting, and it seemed like their morale was a lot higher? Just based on first-hand perspective here. The want to join a game is there, I think.

And yeah, activity dipped a bit due to outside obligations. Their career and all that. Which I guess brings some disappointment considering they've been actively participating in this hobby for a consistent ten years.
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This poor header. I feel no pity. It's not my fault DW can't contain me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yup. Looks like we're in the same boat. Minus the reserves. I haven't really gone anywhere other than one game, but I'm not enjoying this sort of, uh...

I can only really confirm it to what humans call Purgatory. I'm just kind of floating around. Not doing anything. It kinda sucks.
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 u qUpq  uStT1\s^ d

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[ Huh. Well this sure is awkward. 9S sighs and crosses his arms, looking around... Wherever as if to essentially do the same thing: address the player. Who also could stand to offer!!! What is socializing?!?!

He groans. Dramatically, even, as his arms drop and his head rolls back a bit.

Geez, really? It's not even that hard!


Since I'm apparently a glorified mouthpiece now, I'm taking the liberty of saying my player's always available for PSLs.
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I have no regrets

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You don't sound to thrilled. It's me! Aren't you excited about that?
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[ Okay, he didn't expect that kind of affirmation, so he maaaay be a touch flustered. But he tries to play it off as nothing. ]

Right! Of course.

I uh... Don't have any particular ideas myself, but hey, I'm okay with just about anything.

[ ooc: Its okay!!!! Also if you have a discord, feel free to add me! My username is Noodle#1042 and my plurk is loverbayou! HMU anytime! ]
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I'm pretty sure I've seen a snickers bar with REGERTS on it...

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[ Don't try to act innocent, 2B! You know your effect on him!!!! ]

I think mine might have a few! Once they stop being awkward, we'll see progress.

I don't get it. It's just writing between two mutual writers. What's the fuss? Humans are strange... but I guess I sort of understand. I'm not exactly the best at approaching people.

[ Ooc: I have both on my phone! So I'm pretty easy to reach <3]]