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homeless and (maybe) looking??

Your indecisiveness is as irritating as it is unbecoming, you know. Benevolent as I am, I shall solve some of it for you. Rather than all those others, obviously your choice is myself, Ozymandias, King of Kings. I could lecture you on the foolishness of even considering other options when you have me, but certainly this is not the first time you have done something so irrational!
[A hearty Koyasu laugh]

Hm? You say that still doesn't solve the issue of where? Fool, you expect me to do everything for you? Be grateful for the aid I am already extending to you! Figure that out for yourself and be quick about it, lest I become impatient.
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[NEVER MIND YOUR MUN TROUBLES, Vietnam's here with a box.]

Ozymandias! I have something for you, a gift for last time.
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[Just as she was pushing the box into his hands--]

A-ah...? S-surely not, it is just a tribute--gift!!

[RIGHT???? RIGHT?????????????]

T-though I'm not saying that it is not an honour, since you are a good man! [You know maybe you know. Shut up.]
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Oh! A good king. God King.


But still he seems happy so all is well? ANYWAY THE GIFT IS NOT SOCKS, GOD. But she did get him sun shaped cookies and a handmade silk scarf. It's probably really gay looking.]
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[That's how she rolls!

And look, she don't do fabulous tributes, these are nice and humble ones! Oz, pls.]

You're welcome. I hope they are to your tastes.

[ the cookie.]
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[She made it for him, which means she needs to be sure that next time, should she make something, it has to be something he likes!

Either way, this should taste like almonds...but does he even like almonds?!

Vietnam watches him, while having an inner crisis.]
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[...Suddenly reminded of someone just as self-assured, for some reason. Wonder why.]

Indecisiveness comes with the territory, I'm afraid. They tend to be like that.

You're... an interesting Servant, though.
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Ha ha! Aren't you so very self-assured. Are you strong, too?
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[Hey, Hundun takes no offense to not being feared. Sometimes it's a refreshing change of pace.]

Not ringing any bells. [The beast chuckles, but he's pleased by the answer regardless.]

As for "the issue of where," how do you feel about war?
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[Hundun scratches at his goatee with one of his upper hands while his lower set of arms crosses over his chest, a toothy grin splitting his face.]

There is always a need for war. The world would be boring without a little chaos to shake things up. If you're made for battle, shouldn't you crave it?
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I'm sure your Mun is doing the best they can...

[Games are hard to pick sometimes! Especially when you have such a larger than life personality on your hands like Ramesses.]
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Bedi: Your mun is trying-- Ramesses: Who is this basic bitch?

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[Bedivere could say the same about your flashy/gaudy clothes but someone has to be the bigger man.]

I'm afraid I have not heard of that name before, but finding a home can be a challenge and a rather big commitment should they have other tasks they need to attend to.
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Don't be, Bedivere can take it. His selfesteem is already down the toilet 8'))

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[Don't look at him like that.]

Of course I do, but a King mustn't push his followers too hard. She is not a knight or your servant.... So try not to think of her as such. [It's probably impossible for him, but Bedivere would like to think he could at least try.]
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[Whoa. That is a lot of big talk coming from a human who's life span is so fleeting. Gotou can't help but chuckle a little.]

That's a lot of big talk for someone who's completely at the mercy of an unseen being!
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Hey! I'm not a fool! I'm not the one who thinks they can control someone who has complete control over them!

If you think that then you're the idiot!
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Such hypocrisy to lecture others on foolishness when you are clearly the biggest fool of all...
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. Now we just need the giant monkey from Attack on Titan and all those Gundam Characters.

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Of course, I know who you are.... "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" But DIO's works far surpass yours and shan't crumble away to ruins... For he shall become what you only pretended to be... God.

So I suggest you be the one to reconsider your words.
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Uh, I'm not really sure what's the problem, but you're actually hoping to be sent somewhere in particular?

[He scratches his head. That's a first.]

Or is it that you don't like that your player is considering to send someone else?

[Jealous? No, not exactly jealous but probably the Pharaoh prefers to be the center of attention.]
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Were you to exercise patience, perhaps thine experience would be less harrowing, sun king.

[hey buddy :)]