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voice testing

I know, you'd been planning on this for a while, it was just a matter of having the icons. And...I suppose if you made me to throw at memes or private RPs, that's fine! I'm fine!

And...thanks for not going with any of those usernames. I know you were tempted and I know you thought they were funny, and I know you've gone with joke names before! But if you did it this time I'd...well, it wouldn't be fine.

[Dying's not funny okay and the mun is a horrible person for laughing at those ideas]

So...I guess I'll wait and see where you put me! And if Apollo's there, even better!
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Sounds like the mun's got big plans for you. You've said it yourself, but I'll say it for you: You'll be fine!

[...just tell the mun to keep you away from jamjars.]
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The mun does throw me in bakerstreet memes sometimes, so who knows -- we might meet eachother there some day. [and what a feels trip that will be.]

[and it's okay, clay, remain blissfully unaware and innocent -- you're better off not knowing.]

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...Oh, you can get by without meeting prosecutor Gavin. Trust me.

[he can practically feel the forehead jokes rising to the surface. war memories. But come to think of it, Klavier and Clay might get along frighteningly well...]
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[asfghjfgh clay pls.]

He sounds like that with everyone!

[and anyway...] He's fine, I guess. I mean, you'd like him, probably.
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[clay might be right, but Apollo is too stubborn to admit it out loud. he's thankful all the same. but then again, he's thankful for all of his friends. yes, that means you too, clay aiken.

Apollo perks up.]

...anyway. Good luck with the meme'ing and the musebox'ing. And don't die.
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I bet you know who's the mun to this guy.

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...Care explaining why my mun started screaming when she saw you?
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Next thing you know, she'll get your mun curious about my story, knowing how mine thinks. But right now they seem to be back into the... Elibe part of Fire Emblem? The headspace's been weird as of late.
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It's that iPhone game she enjoys as well... keep on swooning over voices... says how perfect they are... and apparently one of those Elibe characters- Lucius, I think- sounds like a more delicate version of my buddy Yew. It's WEIRD.
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Mine kept on screaming on how one of her favorite voice actors voices the red head on... and for some reason, she loves the accent on another blue-haired one, the one with the headband and the ponytail.

...Speaking of the redhead, apparently his style is fencing? He's just like me, then, but we probably have different technique.
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Mun's hoping they don't mess up that Sain guy. For some reason he's her favorite.

...Yeah, my mun had a similar idea, except it was us in the Persona 4 tale. ...Or something similar to it.
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The latest one's just came out, actually. And my mun kept on talking on how she wanted the Etrian Odyssey version because it features characters from two of the games, and how she wanted to ship the two protags.

...For some reason she's pretty fond of that Yosuke guy, from the fourth game. Something about sharing birthdays?
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There's also another Atlus character that shares her birthday... one of the Mirage Masters in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

*Same here! He's canonly older than his buddy Yew, that's all that's mentioned, but with talking with a budding astrologer, Janne is probably a Leo.*
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Okay, he knows these things happen in these places, but it's rare to see himself!!]
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Uh, yeah! Nice to meet you too, uh... me!

But hey, you can take whatever icons I've got on me! I know how tough it was when I first started out!