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What a morning of DGS2 news


Is this how I was to everyone, during my first trial? It's almost too stressful to watch.

I believe that "Ryuutaro" knows what he's doing when it comes to the law, I just don't know how much longer she--uh, he can keep up with fooling everyone.

(Even Mikotoba-san was willing to go through with it...?)
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Isn't it grand, Mr. Naruhodou? Our little Susato's all grown up and taking the legal world by storm!

[He's just conveniently ignoring the fact that she's going after the killer of Watson's killer, because who even knows how much Sherlock knows, right? His player sure doesn't.]
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[The chances of some legal bigshot from Japan overhearing this conversation is close to zero, as far as Sherlock can tell. He'll take the risk.]

Unfortunate? What's so unfortunate about disguises? I quite approve of her methods! Did I ever tell you about the time I disguised myself as an old crone to keep a close eye on one of my suspects? Why, he even picked up my parasol for me!
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[He has dressed up as many a thing. His shenanigans know no bounds.]

Oh, so it's like that... [It's sweet how Naruhodou assumes that Susato will win that case.] Your cousin would be recognized for the achievement, would 'he' not? Your cousin who is a fictional person, and is in fact Susato. In a way, she will receive the credit. There is, after all, no real Ryuutaro Naruhodou to receive it, now is there?
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So she does! And with a familiar face, no less! Your countryman with the vast collection of books- what was his name again...

[He snaps his fingers in a thoughtful manner, though it's just a facade. He isn't putting any real effort into remembering, because he knows the memory he's searching for is gone.]
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A bit foolish of him, don't you think? I believe his trial was prosecuted by the Grim Reaper of the Old Bailey, meaning he will set foot upon British soil at risk of his own life. Whatever prompted his return must be truly important.