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AA5 spoilers possible in comments

[Through what was either a miracle or some very shady connections, this incredible fool has won first place in the latest Ace Attorney series-wide popularity contest. The investigation is still pending. Until then, there's no choice but to acknowledge the extremely questionable victory.]

Justice prevails! Ha ha ha! How does that one song go again? We Are Number One from Lazy Town? That seems fitting enough- let's play that one in celebration! [BOBBY NO]

[He pauses for a moment, fiddling with his sunglasses.] There's just one thing I don't understand... Why is it so funny to you? Is it because Mr. Justice got second place? Heh, I have to admit, that is kind of ironic. Who would think that someone with the last name of Justice could come second to me? It's almost like justice is a stepping stone to boost me to the highest rank! Or would that be a stepladder? Hmm...

Either way, I promise I'll savor this victory! [Fist pump!] So... What did I win, anyway? Eternal glory? A medal?

[It's earned you nothing but scorn, Bobby. Nothing but scorn......]
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The face of justice gets first and the namesake of justice gets second? I'd call that a double victory for justice all around!
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[Nope totally not plotting a way to stab you and ditch your body before anyone notices.]

Imagine all the wrongs that can be righted with all that justice! Justice overflowing through the LAPD!

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Congratulations, Detective Fulbright!
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Yeah, out of fifty! That's not bad!

Polly came in just after you, too...not surprised there! Those hair horns have a certain charm...~

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Congratulations, Mr. Detective! [She pauses, a little embarrassed...] Um, what contest did you win?

[She's a little out of the loop. Please enlighten her.]
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Oh! A popularity contest? That's wonderful! Do you win a special prize?

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[At least she's getting a healthy bout of laughter out of this!]

Who knows? Maybe she's finding it funny for the same reason I'm finding it funny. But hey, of course you won! You're such a likeable guy, you know?

[Because even if the reason she finds it hilarious is due to the other guy, she still finds the other guy to also be "likeable" due to being the Queen of Bad Taste. Goddamnit, Tori.]
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Who could ever be intimidated by a sweet guy like you? You're a like teddy bear outside of your work!

[Well, shit-- who knew her bad taste was contagious?]

Besides, who wouldn't find your dedication to justice anything but a great thing? Aside from the bad guys, of course! [She gives him a playful wink. She... may be playing things up, due to knowing the truth. Oops?]

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I would have been fine being in second, if Mr. Wright or Prosecutor Edgeworth won the spot again, but I was beaten by you!? [WHHHHHY]
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[You know what


he's glad he's dead

goodbye sinful world who let his killer get 1st place]
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[Take me with you.]

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Whaaat? Seriously? You?

[Sorry, Bobby. This is a little hard to believe.]

Wasn't the spiky-haired guy so popular that there some big to-do about switching protagonists? How'd he miss out on being first?
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Your only reward is your own victory itself. A meaningless ranking based on something a criteria as foolish as 'popularity'... That guarantees a success that is only fleeting.

You know nothing of glory that is truly lasting, and you never will. That's what it means to be a commoner.

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Cash prize, or some kind of material object? Trophy, maybe?

Or was this literally just a popularity contest? Because those will get you everywhere these days. You know, if by "everywhere" you mean a nerd's house.

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