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Voice testing

 You know this is technically kidnapping, right? I've got an obligation to the Earthen Ring and whatever you're plotting can't trump that. 

Remember that when my master kicks your ass. I warned you. I was nice.

What do you mean I'm dead 
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From what I understand, being taken in by someone here doesn't affect anything on your world. It sounds strange, but it seems to be true. I'm not sure how much that helps. [Especially if, well, you know... bad things happened or will happen in your world.]

And you should try not to provoke them. It only encourages them to do even more awful things!
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I'd never really thought of it that way, but that's an excellent way to describe all of this.

A good friend once told me, "The sooner you accept the things you cannot change, the sooner you can start finding ways around them." Perhaps you can find a way to turn this situation to your benefit? There might be things you can do in this realm you were unable to in your own.
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You have a very wise master. I've always liked to think that everything happens for a reason... even if it sometimes takes a long while for that reason to reveal itself.

Who knows, you might even find something you like about it. Despite my warnings, it's not all bad.
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We've all got obligations. None of them care. I doubt they understand what's at stake.
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Sounds familiar.

Though it seems like we won the war, at least for the moment, and what's at stake is greater than just elements.