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Doctor Who | Spoilers possible

What do you mean you need a rewatch? Icons, yeah, I get that - I have more six expressions, you know... but you're already putting me on memes, aren't you? And replaying all those frozen moments Doctor whatever was talking about... Replaying me in your head.

I think I've already moved in.
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I wonder if you'll ever get back to asking the most important questions.
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"Well, let's start with the sort that have to be addressed to me rather than that boring little human you've got there."

There's a reason why they're called 'muns' after all.
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"Well, no. I think we covered the basics of that. Come on, Bill, I've been tutoring you for how long now? Nearly an entire year. You know the questions to ask."

That, or he's completely failed her. Either way.
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"Right. Remember when you asked if I was flexible on the subject of my face?"

He'll just grin until the penny drops.
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He nods and shrugs. "Yes. Yes. No."

He'll not mention that he's 4.5 billion years old, in one sense. Because, he doesn't want to go there.

"I've been teaching so long because I have skills."
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"No I get to teach whatever I want because I know everything. Come on, Bill, what are the questions you really want to ask? It's not like I usually just give people carte blanche to ask me anything, you know."

He purses his lips for a moment.

"All right. Tell you what. Ask a good question and I'll give a proper answer."

As opposed to the answers he just gave to not-good questions.

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"Right. We'll start with the last one. I told you. You smile when you're confused. So I noticed you. Sometimes it's as simple as that - someone noticing you."

Which really, is the easiest question.

"I'm taking you with me because you asked. I mean, sure you didn't put it into words, but you didn't have to."

There's nothing he likes more than talking about the TARDIS.

"Any-when and everywhere in the universe and a few other universes besides this one."

The age question.

"I don't know how old I am any more. I'm not being flippant, I just don't keep proper count these days. But I'm old enough to know everything."

He grins, he doesn't know if she heard the conversation with Nardole about how he didn't know everything.
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"Because everything rhymes."

He grins at her second question, though.

"And that is the most important part of knowing everything."
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"I know more than everyone else. That's gotta be enough, yeah?"

What was that Nardole had said about him being silly sometimes?
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He smirks. "I never said always. But it usually is."

Except when he is wrong which happens on occasion.
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He shrugs.

"You do. I mean you told me about about the puddle."
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"Well, Heather too, but what caught my attention was the puddle. But, you see? That's what I mean. When I'm not enough, people like you happen."

Seriously, he needs people, no matter how much he might protest it.
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"No. I took you with me because there was alien sentient space oil trying to kill you."

Well, if she wanted to get literal, that was the sum of it. He takes a breath, because he's about to 'get real' as Lucy would say.

"I came back for you because... You stopped me. Not many people can do that."

Not even Nardole. But Bill? She did. And it was less what she said, but more how she said it.