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If we are being honest, I have no interest in these games. High stakes do not concern me - as you well know - but if they do not further my goals, I see no reason to invest in them.

...but you are not giving me a choice, are you.

Very well. The least you can do is find Sebastian for me - or even Elizabeth.
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[One Sebastian, three days late. What kind of a Phantomhive servant is he, if he can't even comment on an entry his player hasn't seen?]

Dear me, young master, but how considerate of you to wish to include the lady on a... recreational trip, then, is perhaps the term to use?

[Seeing as it's such a pointless endeavour and all. This either means "aw, look at you, caring about her" or "ha ha, can't you even go to another world without missing her? what are you, five?". Or maybe it's "a gentleman shouldn't wish rp games on his fiancée". Essentially: whatever Sebastian means exactly, it's probably an insult.]
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Your player might perhaps be of a different opinion, [Sebastian helpfully suggests. Not that Sebastian himself could relate at all to considering people's lives a fun pastime, nope...]

But I am certain lady Elizabeth will appreciate your efforts to that end.

[Ha ha, get it, "efforts"? Because yes, let's be honest, we all know who'd be keeping who safe. That aside, there's only so much safekeeping one can do once placed in a game - Sebastian knows.]
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[Maybe Sebastian just misses(??) having his little master around to snark at. Must you deny him joy.]

My apologies, young master.

[The smugness even seems to soften a bit, look at that.]

I am kept occupied elsewhere, I'm afraid. [Also his player is cramping his style, otherwise he'd pop up instantly wherever Ciel is on the internet.]
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Hi, have Dorian Gray.

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[Just kidding, it's just a fellow aristocrat who seems to have literally stepped out of an Oscar Wilde novel.]

I beg your pardon, sir, but my mun has an interest in your canon. It's a shame she doesn't have any active muses from it...

But that's besides the point. I understand you have been to Wonderland before, yes?
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[At least Dorian doesn't go kidnapping young women and selling them on the black market for fun. He has other ways of entertaining himself...]

Well, my mun would like to humbly suggest a game for your mun to send you to called Entranceway, which takes place in a sort of Wonderland.

Don't worry, you won't be forced into Alice's clothing or sent chasing down rabbits, and the accommodations here are actually quite luxurious for all who are drawn here. Your room will adjust to your tastes, your closets will provide you with anything you desire, and the dining room works the same way so you shouldn't go hungry.

[Does this seem convincing enough?] And you shouldn't worry about dying of old age. Time doesn't exactly move quite right in Wonderland, so you'd stay young for the entirety of your stay... Wouldn't that be interesting?
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[Ah, this is one of the smart ones. This will be interesting.]

Ah! Forgive me, I should have mentioned what the events are like here.

[And pretend like that's the only downside.]

They tend to be drawn from people's memories and distort reality itself. Everyone is exposed to a piece of someone's past, for better or worse.