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RES EVIL 7! possible spoilers in the comments!

Well then.

At least I know that I'm not cut out for a career in family social work.

Har. Har.
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Why are we laughing, new friend?
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Guess we aren't... anymore.
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What kind is it?

Is it shoe?
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Awww, y'think? We'd love t' have ya back! You missed dessert!
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That was the appetizer, bitch.

It's rude to leave your host hangin' like that!
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Yeah? It don't work as well when you're a fuckin' cheater.
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No-- no, you cheated! There's no goddamn way you coulda figured that out, you lil' pussy!

[and here's the temper tantrum.]
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[oh, now you've gone and done it. you hurt his fragile little ego.]

Fuck you, Ethan! A pussy's the one who doesn't play by the rules! [says... lucas???] I'mma fuckin' find your ass-- you make a bet on that. Gonna find you 'n your girl an' make you regret it, motherfucker!!
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[wew lad]
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[the real fucked up thing is that lucas isn't upset about the loss of his family. like, maybe a little bit, but the biggest source of rage here is the fact that ethan is taunting him.

and since this is a phone call from hell, ethan is receiving endless facetime requests.]

-- Stupid fuck. Stupid! Fuck!! [so rustled he can't even form complete sentences anymore.] Accept it, you piece a' shit!
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[oh yeah? what if he just keeps screeching damn near incoherently at you, ethan????]
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I guess that's ... one way to look at it.
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At least-- ... at least you got out of there. Got help. Got real fuckin' far away.

[ it's the thought that counts, right? ]
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[A quiet, throaty:]


[...Aaand as raw as certain things are going to be for a time, that... bitterness wasn't really fair to give him right off the bat. Sighs through her nose, winces a little, shakes her head...]

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You're right.

[Pause. Lips thin a little for a second.]

Still. It feels different now, you know? Now that they're really gone for good. You start remembering things. More things.

[...Well. Lucas is still probably out and around, yeah, but. That just leaves her fine 'n dandy with him not as-immediately needing to be one of her problems anymore, knock on wood. For now, at least.

Takes a long, ever-so-slightly-voiced breath.]

There's no going back to the past, though -- nowhere to go for either of us but forward.
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Of course, I don't think any of them would be able to handle whatever the fuck that was.