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You and I both know this is a bad idea.
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Why's that?
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Huh. Less like looking in a mirror, and more like seeing Jellybean's awkward teenage phase.

Not surprised, but just as weird.
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Nah, she'll handle it better than I did. [She already is for that matter, but he's not going to admit it yet.]

And she looks surprisingly like I did at her age.
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[Probably both, but maybe not entirely.]

Yeah, I'm as surprised as anybody.

[And realization strikes.]


Does that mean you and Betty?
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But still 'Betty' and not, I don't know, Eli or something?

[He's not totally sure what the masculine version of 'Elizabeth' is, given as how it's not something he's had to worry about before.]
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Makes sense. Mine's done it either way with different characters.