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How about that wonderful new teaser trailer?

[He tilts his head slightly before he speaks]

I understand fully as to why your voice spills with heart ache but you must understand that most great stories come with terrible loss.

[He gives a bit of a small smile]

There is hope within this new story and the Force is strong.

I know you won't forget that.
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And sometimes, something old, something so deeply flawed must fall so that something new and better can rise in its place.

Luke knows this, he has known for a while, I think.

But I'll be the first to admit that the first fall, the razing of the old, it's never easy.
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No, I don't suppose it would.

Hope isn't always an easy thing, either. Sometimes it's the hardest thing a person can do.
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[That, at least, is something she's familiar with.]

You may have a point. It was never very difficult a thing for me to hold onto, but I held onto as much of it as I could to help give it to others.

Still do.
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I don't intend to. I've come close, once or twice, but that's the thing with hope, as long as you have even a little bit of it left, it will grow. Like a weed.
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There are weeds that can do the same thing for a garden, if their roots run deep enough to hold the soil together even through a storm.
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And we'll all return to the Force in the end.
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[She smiles in turn, head dipping a little, almost-sheepish] Of course. I wasn't sure if you knew.
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Nor am I.

But that doesn't exempt us from having some connection to the Force all the same.
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As long as we have hope we can move forward. [She trusts that. She has to.]
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I'm looking forward to learning how to use the Force, though it looks...difficult. But I expected that.
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You can...sense that? [She feels herself flush.] Are you a Jedi?
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You're...sensitive? Once I started listening to the Force, I was able to do things I never thought possible.

[Like the whole Jedi Mind Trick thing.]
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I don't think that at all. [Not that she knows him well enough to come to any set conclusion.] Why would they think you're a fool? I would think being able to read the Force would be...valued.
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That...sounds familiar. [She sighs.] I thought they were stories too until...

I saw for myself. I The Force. All of it. I couldn't say it didn't exist then.
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I bet you understand it better than I do. I only know where it wants me to go. [And who it wants her to meet.] Do you have visions?
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Yeah. I just wish I knew more. [About herself, her past...everything.]

I... I had one, yes.
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Yes. [Rey sees no reason to skirt around the truth. She is terrified, but also excited.] I saw a lot of things that confused me. Maybe even events from my past that I've forgotten.
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[It's hard to keep faith; it's a daily struggle that she knows she cannot lose. Most of the time Rey only depends on herself, using her wits and rather lonely experiences to keep herself strong. But to have support - especially from someone who understands - is something she treasures. She lets him hold her hand and she grips back.]

I trust that. I trust the Force. It' I worry about. Luke is the last Jedi and I need to learn quickly. If I don't...
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[His kindness really touches her. Rey finds a smile for him in return.]

I'll remember that, but I won't let it go to my head.
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I'd like to avoid it. I really don't like people who are full of themselves.
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I'm lucky in my friends. There is a lot I can learn from them.
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I wouldn't mind having less terrible loss. Even if it means boring stories.
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In that case I'm fine without the story as well, thank you.

[ This is how you deal with loss: You make sure there is none. ]
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Not if you know how to not let it get boring.
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Of course not everyone can join the podrace as a racer. Some are very satisfied with being the spectators. Fun, friendly competition and less losses for everyone!

[ Welcome to Anakin's perfect world. No war, but podracing... ]
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Well, I'm not just going to accept that. There are many paths that a story can go.

I'll just find a better one.