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voicetesting the strong silent type is like pulling teeth

 You're too concerned with how I pick my words. What's important is what the meaning is, not how I'm saying it. 

...what do you mean, the way I talk says something about me? I don't.... talk weird, do I?

Anyway, what matters is my decisions. All you need to know about me's what I do, not in what I think or what I say. "A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do."

No, I'm not saying anything else. Stop looking at me.
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You gotta talk sometimes.
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Me too.

But you gotta talk. And you gotta be heard.

...You gotta be heard even if you're not talking, like you said. That's why they put you out here.
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Means you can't do nothing. Your player's gonna learn about you anyway.
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[He doesn't seem overly angry or distressed, so they feel safe enough to reach over and poke him on the arm. On the side without the eyepatch.] But you're gonna meet things an' people you never did before.
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But that was jus' from one world, right?

[That was a terrible evasion, but they'll let him think he got away with it.]
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Prob'ly magic ones. The players like that kind of stuff a lot, I think.
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Um, maybe. Usually it's magic places.

[They give a small shrug.] Been living in a castle in the sky for...'bout a year. With monsters and magic all over the place. Nice monsters, though.
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[it really can be a useful tool for exposition!]

Yeah. We dunno if there's a world down there, but there's clouds all over the' around, and under it.
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You do have an odd way of talking.

[So insightful and helpful, Raikov.]
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[trolling successful.]

You put emphasis on random words.
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[Oh, trust me. He doesn't feel guilty at all. He holds his chin and smirks as he looks BB over.]

I never said it was a bad thing.
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[He shrugs.]

Wouldn't you rather know than not though?
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[Oh, Snake. What are we gonna do with you?

I imagine Raikov probably stuck with him because there's no point in going back to Russia after Portable Ops. He's still a traitor.]

No. You know your men are loyal to the end.

..... Even if you believe in Father Christmas.
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[Hated it but he hates everything that isn't easy.]

Because you're a grown man. You know your parents bought the presents for you?

[It's adorable. Never change, Snake.]
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They signed some from them and some from Santa.

And they aren't tracking anyone. They do it to humor children.

[Or he assumes. Crazy Americans.]
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[Raikov just stares at the man, completely baffled at how stubborn and thorough he is about this topic.

It would be admirable if it wasn't so ridiculous.

And he'd punch him in the face if they were in Groznyj Grad. But he's spent too many years with Snake to know he'd get his ass handed to him if he tried anything.

So he simply facepalms and sighs.]

... Yeah, sure. Let's go with that.

[He may have given in but that doesn't mean he can't still tease the hell out of him.]

What do you think he'll give you this year?
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Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much. Some good words to live by.

Or failing that, let your bullets do the talkin' for you.
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[What is pop culture from a guy who was born in the future but lives in the past.]

More or less. 'Course it also matters who's listening to your words.

[Do you have friends Snake. Friends you talk to.]
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People's worth don't come from words. [Comes from actions, of what has and can be done, just like Snake said.] Not that words don't mean anything. [Or else why have them at all?]

Figure listening is just as important too. Everybody's got a story, right? So what's yours, stranger?
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[Because it's been ages since he's seen you, dude.]

You know what they say...actions speak louder than words.
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[He just missed you, ok? From mission to mission it's a hell of a long time.]

Make sure you know who to swing the stick at too. Make every attack count.

[Yeah. He likes to go in depth in some things and Boss's actions were one of them.]

Talking of big sticks, how are you holding up?
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All your decisions have been bad ones, American dog. Ever since you set foot into Groznyj Grad your death has been inching ever closer to your ultimate demise.

[Hear that? This guy has it big with wanting to kill you.]