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You! Yes, you. We need to talk because for one thing, you ignored me for like four months, and the other thing... 

What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm not into the shippy memes, man... why are you throwing me at those?

Also, that glint in your eye over getting a tag... no. Don't. When you get that look, that means another half-assed adventure. Let's sit here and think about this . Let's do the math. (A pause.) No, this has nothing to do with the fact you're exposing me to the 1960's pop culture by doing this...

Okay, I'm a little peeved that you are doing that. I thought you were cool. Take your Neil Diamond CD and go to bed...

Come back when it's Doctor Who.
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I'm sorry. I'm so, so, sorry. But thar isn't anything you can do when your mundune gets that glint in thar eyes.
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No worries :3 its dear player and I am cool with 4th walling

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Maybe that's something your mundune could work on. Charging in head first. Because sometimes you have too.

Sounds like maybe you could give your mundune a few pointers. What sort of reckless things have you done?

[He's not judging in fact sounds more like he's interested]
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Oh you are clever. I'd say you're brilliant expect I'm here.

[Ten eyes him curiously, in a have we met sort of way]

Sorry, do I know you?

[Or rather will Ten know him. That's the thing with his life out of order can be a bit confusing like why your wife is mad at you for leaving - apparently someone got married]
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What he said. [Vague gesture to the Doctor above.] Neil Diamond though, really?
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[Wry grin.] Now I really feel spoiled for my jukebox. Even if I do have to deal with daft aliens tryin' ta take 'er apart for parts.
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[Double facepalm.] Don't remind me. Got stuck somewhere with one song, for six months, once. And it basically a pirate sea shanty equivalent of it's a Small World. On endless loop. Never again.

[Waves a hand.] But the aliens' mostly harmless. Except when he's not.
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Really? I always heard Martians were pretty dangerous. What planet did you get stuck on?

[Quiet hum.]

["A giant dork."]

[Okay, she shouldn't say that. He's her best friend. It's true, but still! What is a nicer thing she can say in general?]

Have you ever met someone who's a complete genius, but still kind of an idiot who can't see a ferris wheel right in front of his face, and gives you really weird advice like "always take a banana to a party?"

He's an alien. Not everyone knows he's alien, because he looks human, but he's kind of terrible at being anything else. Like he just licks doors. Who does that? I mean I guess when you're 900 years old you don't really care what people think, but it's still super weird. And he never scans for tech. Imagine that, right? Alien with the most sophisticated spaceship in the universe, only one of its kind, and he doesn't even bother to scan for tech. "Oh, I'll just go ask the locals," he says. And then gets kidnapped by spiders because the one phrase he loves using the most across all languages is "Take me to your leader." Which is just ruddy brilliant when the leader is a giant poisonous psychotic spider queen who views you as meat.

He can tell you the chemical composition of pretty much anything he licks, but he still sticks his tongue into like... a vial of blood or something. Or gets stuck in a drawing. And he's so clever he usually backs himself into a corner he can't get out of without help, because he's still really quite a bit daft.

[She could go on and on and on....]