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Oh child, you're hardly prepared for this. A few current appearances does not good characterization make. Finish your Inhuman history lessons and then I'll see about allowing you to send me someplace.

As far as the user name goes, you and I both know that I am no longer queen. We're a democracy now, however well that's bound to work out.
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They do sometimes leap without putting too much thought in these things.

As for your username... My own mun would have picked something 'punny'.
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Why chose a democracy?
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In my experience people tend to have a difficult time to agree even under normal means. Giving them such power feels like it would quickly devolve into unending pointless discussions.
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I see. Of course it's in his right as the king to make decisions without consulting, either good or bad. But I can see how the people may not appreciate that much. You'd manage to avoid a revolution at least by making it a democracy.
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I say they go back even further to the real good old days, when you used to roll with me.
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I would like to state for the record that a Democracy is the rule of the majority... aka rule by mob.

I would cast my vote for a well drafted Republic, where 99% of the people cannot take away your declared rights (insert adjective here). For example, the mob rule says you cannot text odd days of the week. In a democracy, it would become law and you can only text on even days in the calendar. In a republic, people of a nation are protected from such foolish mob-think (group-think).

For your considerations.
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[In another reality - her reality - he's a bad hydra experiment gone wrong but in his reality he's an ancient banished inhuman so the moment she says inhuman history he's there like a very slimey octopus ghost watching as warily as he can in

No longer queen]

Is that bitterness I detect? A democracy has it's downsides.

[He's seen...billions. Millennia worth.]
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Things are changing around here. I wonder if you're truly up for it.
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Yer a democracy now, Red? How'd ya talk Black Bolt into that?