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7.2 Legion Spoilers. Sort of.

I did the math, it's important to have the correct amount of items in Magic--

Well, yes I sometimes do not know how to use what I ask you to gather, however--

I am highly offended by your insistence that my new title is 'Shit Wizard'. I will have you know that I am not in any way 'shit' at being a wizard, Champion.

[ Have some reference from the mun. ]
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Is it new though? Didn't that start with the Apexis Crystal incident?

And, uh, I'm not really disagreeing right now. Not much reason to.
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Still an exceptional amount. Only for you to give all but one of them back. Obviously your math was wrong.

[Khadgar, stop criticizing your older self. It's rude.]
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[Better than a cheeky old man.]

Good humor maybe.


actually no, he'll get the crap beat out of him.]
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I'm going to work on that. A lot. Trust me-

[khadgar no

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.... I'm changing my name.

[It's the only way to be free]
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[He'll never confess it but he likes his name and pulling out that pun. So he probably won't carry through.]

I'm not disagreeing.

Is this what our life devolves into? Puns and sending people on bad fetch quests?
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[angry tauren threadjack.]

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I feel like I should apologize for my older self.

[Not for the puns.]
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[this is Greyhart's indoor voice.]
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I'm afraid to ask...
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Given what you've put them through, I wouldn't complain overmuch. That title could be far far worse.
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[Cute. If he still had eyes, he'd be rolling them currently.]

Are you ever? It would appear that your Champions are the ones who are far more prepared than you are. They are rather exceptional when it comes to cleaning up after you.
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You actually think you have an element of surprise still? Your optimism is truly astounding sometimes. As is your naivety for a man of your years.

Your methods at using others to get things done is effective yes. Delegating tasks to those more capable of actually pulling them off with initiative and results is one of those very few things you manage to excel at.
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I don't need to. I just have to listen to you and observe your actions. If you can, prove me wrong.

We have something in common then. Surprising isn't it?

[So has he, Khadgar. Not in the same manner perhaps, but he's paid far more than you because of it.]
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[ Somewhere in Lower Karazhan..

Someone is quietly laughing his ass off at the new title.

Hey, better Khadgar than him?]
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No. No. No!

[ Fuck this! Fuck that! Fuck the Legion! Fuck Azeroth! But most importantly, fuck you, Khadgar! ]

Get your own bloody shards!
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Let me get this straight. The Burning Legion is still on Azeroth's doorstep and you want people to collect shards.

There's a million other things to be done but we're supposed to focus on shards.
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Mhmm. [ She's having a hard time believing he's supposed to be in charge WHO PUT HIM IN CHARGE ]

I'm not sure if I'm inclined to believe in what your mun called you but I am absolutely going to start questioning your sanity.
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[One of the four new druid champions is a towering, sullen Tauren of uncertain gender that heals with machinelike diligence and hardly ever speaks.

Except for now.]

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[The druid hauls off their heavily-enchanted backpack and jams their arm in up to the elbow. It comes out with a fistful of nethershards, which get thrown at Khadgar's face.

Then the process is repeated again. And again.]
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[ not even the right mmo, but still— ]

If you don't know what to use 'em for, then the math doesn't matter. Really are a shit wizard, aren't ya?

[ Admittedly, she thinks ALL wizards are shit wizards, but ya know. ]
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[ Khadgar, why... ]

Not knowing isn't half the fun, not knowing is asking for it to blow up in your face! Ugh, this is the problem with you magic users, you just wave your hands around like morons and hope something works out.