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Chag Sameach from Rokkenjima, also Synodiporia thoughts (canon is Umineko)

I am to understand that tonight you recounted, in song, a litany of improbabilities that led to your people's freedom, that you might recognize that each coincidence, each minute fragment of good luck, that your people prayed for came to pass - and that it should therefore be counted as a miracle. All while spicing your food with bitter flavors, in memory of bitter times.

I am feeling unusually charitable, then. I will not answer your statement in blue that the events recounted at your feast table were based on historical events. It is enough that you recognize that, had it happened according to your conjecture, it would have been - why, not one but several miracles.

Did you expect me to say "It would have been enough?" That is your ritual, player, not mine.


I am finding my first Jaunt as a piece on Justice's board a suitable challenge. I cannot - well, I can no longer - play the priestess, apt as the cult of Persephone is, and playing a sort of Socrates instead suits me. "I pretend to either madness or philosophy," you had me say. How droll, and how accurate.

Of course, all magic needs philosophy. I will not have to stretch my imagination to claim I am a Stoic.
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[ tch ]

You're more talkative than usual.
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How does it feel to act as a piece again?