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on certain thor-shaped events.

What?! Are you kiddin' me? He ain't so tough.

Throw me in there and I'll show you somethin' real Incredible.
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[................ Are you a mutant?

What're you supposed to be? Are you supposed to talk? Yeah, you've got to be a mutant. Were you born like a raccoon? Is that your mutant power, being a raccoon since birth? How does that work? And where do you find clothes that work with your shape?

She will just stare instead of actually asking these questions.]
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At you, mapache.

[It seems like it should be sassy, and it probably is, but she has quite the way of delivering her one-liners with complete deadpan seriousness. She stares still though, just a moment longer. She stares a lot at most people, sorry, Rocket.]

... You're a mutant, sí?
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[She gives him the best "I can stab you with my mental waves" look.

Part of it is incidental, she just looks like that by nature, sorry.]

Mutants aren't bad. Just different.

[Logan's not bad, just different. Charles isn't bad, just different.

The kids, they're not all bad. Just... different.]
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[She cocks her head to the side.]


[... Raccoon... aliens?

She'd buy it. She'd buy a lot of things.]
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[ That is a raccoon, from all appearances, but then she has met psychic betta fish who ruined her life. Best not assume too much. ]

And this diminutive form belies... what prowess?
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[ The best she can do is make it even flatter. ]

What threat do you pose, little demon?
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I do not recognize you. Don't take it personal.

[ She sounds like she's quoting someone on that second sentence. It's the sort of thing Gunn would usually supply and no, she doesn't miss him, or anyone, ever. ]
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[ Ordinance and firearms: the nearest humanity has come to magic while at the same time ensuring its casual destruction, along with themselves. And raccoons, too, it would seem. ]

I am Illyria. I too am confined to a vessel unfit to express my magnificence.
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[ she rolls her eyes, but totally in a good natured way because rocket isn't wrong. ]

Now that I'd pay to see.
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What if you couldn't take your gun?
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you can hover to translate!

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Comrade Raccoon is thinkink he can take on big green Avenger?

[Dogs aren't usually capable of laughing, but Raccoons aren't usually capable of carrying on conversations, either. Cosmo's voice is telepathic, though, and just kind of comes unbidden into Rocket's mind. And yeah, he's laughing.]
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Which one are we talking about?

[Because both of them were tough, but hey - she's learned to take things with a grain of salt.]