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regarding the ex gala performance;

That was surprising to anyone how? I wanted to skate to Eros!!!
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Yeah, but you actually skated to everything but that.
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I think he did. Wasn't he the one who thought up that whole "Hot Springs on Ice" thing? His contest, his rules.
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[No, of course you can't make up the rules to a competition you're competing in, but... Dangit Yuri, why do you have to whine like that and call him 'Beka'? It really makes it hard to keep throwing water on your half-baked grievances.]

I thought Agape was beautiful.

[When in doubt, appeal to the ego.]
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I know. [His lips curve up slightly in one of his barely-there smiles.] I didn't go easy on you, you didn't go easy on me. That's how it should be.

... That's how it'll be next time, too.
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[Otabek's the same-- he wouldn't have sought Yuri out after all those years if his 'Soldier's Eyes' hadn't caught his attention. If that hadn't done it, his exhibition surely would have. That thing was the metaphorical poster child of confidence.]

Good, I'd shake you if you did. Before Yakov could even get to you. [Probably. Unless that crazy man can run on ice faster than Otabek can skate. Doubtful but... that man.]
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[No, no he hasn't. But he'll pass, thanks. 8( ]

[L O O K, there's just. Some things you don't say outright without. Buildup. And stuff. Even Mr. Are You Going to Be My Friend Or What can't find it in himself to be this honest.]

...try shaking you? [Yuri that's not how friendships work.] I guess that's fair. You nearly killed me with your sunglasses.

[Yeah. Just the sunglasses. Nearly killed him........]
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Did you? [Otabek smirks faintly. Somehow, he's unconvinced that Yuri was aiming for some random and unfortunate spectator. Oh he probably aimed to miss, sure, but he aimed to miss Otabek.]

Here I thought I'd done something to piss you off. Or were you just making sure I was paying attention?

[Hint: he was. He'd never been able to look away. He hasn't for years.]
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[God what a brat. But he still makes Otabek smile, this force of nature.]

[But now Yuri's asking him directly and... he can't really beat around the bush anymore. Otabek looks him right in the eyes, and nods.]

You've never looked more alive on the ice.