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Truly, this will be a tale worthy of Thor! The fall of Asgard, the destruction of Mjolnir, Hela herself come to wage war, the hero captured and forced to fight for his very survival...

It rouses the spirit, does it not?

Naturally I will be the victor in the inevitable battle between Banner and myself. He is a valiant warrior, but is there really any contest?
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had a good laugh over the YESSS

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[The last time the two of them faced off it was a stalemate at best and that was with Mjolnir in the picture. Then again, Thor was only trying to tame Banner that time, so who really knows what the outcome would be.] victor, you don't mean you're actually going to try to kill Banner? He's not exactly in his right state of mind.

[Not that Steve's got ANY ROOM AT ALL to talk about something like that after what happened with Stark...but still.]
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[Maybe. Simply talking to Thor tends to make him feel that way.] You're the one who said you're being forced to fight for your own survival. And you're both dressed up like Gladiators. [It's the most logical conclusion he can make given the out-of-this-world context.]

Nice helmet, by the way.

[There much to address in that sentence. So much.] Yeah, about that... There isn't much of a team left to tell. But I can't wait to read all about it.
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Well, in Earth lore, Gladiators fought to the death for entertainment.

I'm sorry―carried to the baths?

[They've got a way to go before that's settled.]
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As long as none of this happens on earth, knock yourself out.
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[Uh-huh...the question is, was he himself going to have to give someone a lift back home when it was all said and done?]

Let's hope so. Or you're all getting banished to the mirror dimension.

[Time-outs work, right?]
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With any luck the tale will think to mention your family's kindness to us, Uncle-Cousin.
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Sorry about...that, by the way. I'm not totally sure why he didn't recognize you. [ OR how he ended up in space in the first place? And got enslaved? And how the hell did they convince the other guy to wear that gladiator getup?? ]

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He doesn't seem to really be...on your side at the moment, though. [ Bruce?? Not stressing??? Scientific impossibility. He's grateful that Thor doesn't seem to get too hurt when he battles the Hulk, but he doesn't want to see the day the other side of himself goes too far. ]

Hopefully he or...I will snap out of it, eventually.
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...That was freakin' AWESOME man. I knew I had to go to Asgard but you guys are always so secretive...but MAN. That was amazing!