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Voice-testing. With completely coincidental timing.

I wasn't aware that there was a Siblings' Day.

[Well... a happy one to you, Miss Baker?


A soft, voiced sigh. Folds her arms with briefly-downcast eyes, shakes her head.]

I'm not in any position to complain about being out here like this.

I was wrong the second time. Getting away from home's been a long time coming.

[A breath in through her nose. Nice, thin, and dragged. Holds her head up. And throws a look off to the side.]

And I was gonna have to ask myself sometime where I move on to.

Here goes nothing.
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Probably 'cause you're a shitty sibling.

[helpful input. lucas didn't know either but he's an asshole regardless.]
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[you're disowned for real now]

We ain't talkin' about me, are we, Zoe? [he taunts that last part, a humorless smile spread across his face.]
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Use your damn brain.

[siblings tease each other, but when lucas does it, it's always rougher than it needs to be. harsher than just 'friendly' ribbing. and so it is when he says just that to her, full of scorn like he's heard from, maybe, their dear old dad. jack wasn't a bad father or anything. but lucas took far more of the verbal lashings than zoe ever did. and he knows it.]

You're the one on trial, here!