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[Well, shit. I can't lie, that is pretty awesome. Even though you're too young for that, I mean, damn.

It's impressive, though. Maybe I should throw you somewhere after all..?]

No way. You've ignored me all this time, you don't get to play me anymore.


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[ it's not to late to laugh about "rinktwink" is it? ]
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[ Straight from the mouth of Mrs. Potts. ]

I'll tell you when you're older.

[ Yuuri's low key wondering if Yurio's grandpa has seen that routine, but is far too polite to ask. ]
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[ Ouch, kid, that stings. ]

It means I won't be responsible for tainting your innocence.
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[ Despite it all, Yuuri's still quite fond of the foul mouthed little twink. ]

I think you're confusing basic manners with innocence.

[ Let's be real, Yurio's not totally wrong. ]
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[ Yuuri sorely regrets laughing now, and all but shrieks at the younger's brazenness while frantically looking in all directions. ]

What's wrong with you?! [ It's his turn to get loud and possibly spit (accidentally) in Yurio's face. And just because it isn't important they haven't had sex, so suck on that. ]

Think your grandfather would be proud? Having a little pervert for a grandson?!
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[ Taken back, Yuuri freezes, letting that expression sink in. Color floods his cheeks as he hands his head in shame. ]

Yurio... That was out of line. I'm sorry.

[ Some fights you just can't win. ]
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[ Yuuri stares for a long moment, finally forcing a smile. ]

Hey, c'mon, don't be like that. [ Though maybe he should have just given him space. ]

I'll tell you why I was laughing~ [ oh so enticing wooooo. ]
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[ Wait, he's not prepared for this. Gotta think fast... ]

It's the sunglasses, you know, indoors.
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[ Smooth Katsuki. ]

I don't know... They lack a certain elegance.
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I was thinking about getting transition lenses.
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[ He happens to like his frames, thank you very much, but he will admit the appeal in having variety of styles. Still... ]

Most of these seem a little flashy for me. [ Yuuri lowers his gaze, scrolling a second time. ] I do like the ombre ones, that rectangular, almost square frame suits the shape of my face better than the others. Those round ones with the wire frame are cool too, but they're too round for me. They'd look good on you though.
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[ Insults or not, he's enjoying this. ]

Wasn't he talking about skating though?

I think he likes the way I dress. [ Sans the suit, but whatever. ] Besides, being flashy seems like an expensive lifestyle.

[ Here's looking at you, kid. ]
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[ Well yeah, Viktor has little love for his favorite suit, but his street clothes are surely different. Right? Right? Never has the prospect of clothes shopping enticed him so thoroughly. ]

I feel a makeover coming on. [ He practically chants. ]
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