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in reaction to the Thor: Ragnarok trailer

I do not understand why you seek out my reaction when you have a version of lady Hela also here amongst your muses. It is her who was featured in the preview. It is her you are excited to see.

It is doubtful I even exist in this universe. Or if I do, I am likely still in Heven.

[ She crosses her arms, huffs. ]

Loathe as I am to consider Asgard a home, it still brings me no joy to see it destroyed. There, that is my reaction. Are you happy now?
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Hmm? Ah, yes; Thor's new "sister."

So very pleased you can look upon the destruction of your kin's homeland and offer such a mighty surge of feeling as "Well, sucks to be them."

[He grinned; after all, Herc thinks he's HILARIOUS.] Surely, dear Thor would think of that as progress!
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[Suuuure you are, miss 'Created in 1993'; still, no need to belabor the point.] Ah, of course. Yet the amount of time you've had to wander the starry universe is comparatively limited, yes?

Or indeed, have you had enough of a chance to travel that the loss of one realm among all the heavens seems only of marginal concern? If that be the case, I wonder; have you had the pleasure of meeting the redoubtable Beta Ray Bill?
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Being no native myself, I can hardly be the best at extolling it's virtues; even so I may say as a visitor it's quite an enjoyable place. Rather dour and portentous compared to Olympus, perhaps, but withal a worthy tourist trap! As long as one earns their respective, at least- but I doubt that should be a concern in your case.

[Should he... oh, he so totally should!]

As it seems inevitable that the two of you shall eventually cross paths, I might as well share the relevant points. Bill happens to be a mighty alien cyborg of the Korbinite race, and a fellow hammer-wielder to your brother; as such, his favorite name to be called is "Thorse." You would gladden his heroic heart if you did but refer to him thus; what better introduction could there be?

[As far as Hercules is concerned, he deserves an OSCAR for how well he kept a straight face through that one!]
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It is but the most recent of many such threats. "Oh, no! Asgard is under siege! It is a Tuesday!" [a flippant shrug] I blame you not for your thoughts.


On the brightest note, it would seem you are the sister of whom I have heard much. I am a newer, older Loki. I do hope we can get along.
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[YES, +1 fond sibling, get]

I found myself a brother from a life I had not lived, before I ever knew of Asgard. Curious--I should hope we would be so. But I would not call it odd.

What adventures have you been having as of late, [whatwasit] Angela? Any stories of derring-do to tell?
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President?! [this Loki isn't one for leadership, but that's so awesome!! he bounces on his heels] That's a new one. I hear he would make for a much better variant than their current leader. Did he win?
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However handsomer said liar may be. [curls his fingers under his chin] Oh, well. Perhaps it would be best said American people not use the name Loki as yet another scapegoat. They have enough. Greedy things.
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[chuckles lightly] Most assuredly not, despite what my previous incarnation might have claimed. Though it has been a while since I've been home . . . How was Hela, when you conquered Hel? Still as grumpy as ever?
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Reasons for that particular journey are rarely a happy one. I can only hope you did not lose overmuch.
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Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin everywhere.
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Entrancing, were they not? The way they hailed the end of days with such jaunty screaming. Ah, a-aaaah, ah!

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What would you choose for your theme, dearest sister?
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It started with Michael Jackson whenever he walked into a room, I'm just following tradition.
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Once, he led an army of the hip-thrusting dead through a city to devour an evil woman masquerading as an innocent. Another time, he infiltrated a warehouse brimming with ne'er-do-wells and warned them of an impending attack from the corrupt government, for they were not without honour ... and good fashion-sense. The ground beneath his mighty feet did verily glow wheresoever he trod, so pure were his songs.

You can watch these feats on YouTube.
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He was voted the greatest of all time, at least on Midgard.
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Here now, I'll show you ...

[ Slipping out his phone, he searches for scenes from Thriller and Ghosts for Angela to watch. ]

Strings would work for you! Something soaring, as if you were flying with Sera. Aerosmith?
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... You are such a power ballad lover. Mother would be pleased.
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Those lyrics in particular wouldn't do you any favours, but ... It's safe to say that whatever she thinks of you, it's better than her current opinion of me.
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It's a long story, but she's got some major double-standards that I called her out on and she didn't like it. In essence, she sent me into exile so intense that Father had to personally drop by to kick me back toward Midgard out of the space between realms.
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It's okay, I can't care much when I'm nowhere near Asgardia these days. Safe on a moon of all places!
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[ Waving his hand, because who knows what the heck Cul is doing to their home? Not Loki. ]

Ah, not Asgardia. Me. I'm on a moon, albeit sadly not living up to my title of Moon-King.
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That's very sweet and I'm sure Sera wouldn't pitch any sort of fit, but no. [ Trying not to look surprised/appreciative of the offer. ] When I was aflame which is another long story, I was absorbed through a portal to a civilisation upon a moon. The place is covered in jungle and ruins, everyone lives in the Quarantine. A safe zone away from the monsters.

I ... I live with a bunch of Avengers.

[ His self-control is truly an untold marvel. ]
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[ ... Can't even defend himself, she's got his card. ]

I'm the best cook in the communal apartment.
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[ Looking down to excuse any emotions gathering behind his eyes, he ferrets in his coat for something to do and comes out with a small metal box carved in runes. ]

... I found this on the moon of which I spoke. [ """Found""" or stole from an ancient temple and got hounded by a magically enslaved monster. Same diff. Tapping the designs in a pattern, the box opens up to reveal a shimmering pearly liquid inside. ] Think of a song for it to play.