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trailer tiiime

And here I thought you were going to be disappointed.

Seems like it's going to be a fun little romp after all, isn't it?
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A "fun romp" which results in the destruction of your realm.
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There was a version of you that would have cared.
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Fair enough. My writer is curious to see what your version of myself will be like, as well.
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Your sense of humor never changes, I see.
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Asgard not among them.
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Well enough. I was never overly fond of the place.
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You were barely in it, man.
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Folks love an underdog. Ruff!
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[ A big ol' grin. ]

Ye gods. You wouldn't be planning to let the lady do all the heavy lifting, would you? And once she's razed the earth, so to speak, along comes a little frost giant to make Asgard great again.
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It's only one realm but you're not exactly starting at the top, are you?
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You doubted it, brother?
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It suits me, does it not? As does that fine new helm of yours.
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If you must wear them, at least these aren't a horrendous eyesore.
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I rather liked them.
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Then we are both pleased! This is well.

[He can't be mad, he's too excited.]