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maybe logan spoilers in comments, i d e k


[Laura looks passively at her mun.

Then passively at her username. 

And then eats a few more doritos out of the bag that she absolutely did not pay for, and shrugs.

Oh well.]

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What did I say about taking shit that doesn't belong to you?
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[That doesn't make it okay.

He stares right back, equally unimpressed, and then just kind of huffs as he takes the chip.

As he's chewing, he warns:]
Don't do it again. You want something, you ask. You gotta pay for shit. Okay?
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[Don't think he doesn't notice the question-dodging. Logan has always been a pro at avoidance and running away from shit, so of course he notices it when Laura tries to pull the same thing.]

I'm fine, yeah.

[No, he's not. He's alive, but that's about all he can say about being here. Everything hurts, his blood feels like it's been lit on fire, and he has a splitting headache, but, you know. Avoidance.

Despite the pain in his joints, though, he crouches down in front of Laura and takes the chip again.]
If you end up going to jail for stealing a bag of Cheetos, I'm not bailing you out. [She'd end up someplace worse than jail if they could get their hands on her, and yeah, he'd come for her. But listen. Parenting.]
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Snacks. It's junk food, just like this.

[He gestures with the Dorito he's still holding, before finally eating it. As far as healthy life habits go, Logan's are the worst; so he's not going to start a lecture on that front. But he's pretty sure a kid can't live and grow on fast food and bourbon, so maybe he's going to have to start changing things up a little bit.]
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...Kind of.

[Birthday cake brings to mind the video on Gabriela's phone, and how Laura and the kids like her had been treated as things. Experiments. Property. His own experience as an experiment pales in comparison to the way Laura has been treated. It had been a mistake on his part, of course, but at least he'd been a consenting adult at the time.]

Cheetos? They're okay. This is my favorite, though. [He pulls a pint of Jim Beam out of his coat pocket and takes a swig.

Logan hadn't asked for any of this. Fatherhood was never something he'd felt he was cut out for, never something that had a place in the kind of life he's lived. But now that Laura is here, he can't just leave her; just as he hadn't been able to walk away from her and her friends in the woods in North Dakota. In better times, maybe he'd have dropped her off at the school to be with other kids, and adults who would actually be able to care for her properly.

But here they are, without that option. He's pretty sure Laura would be better off without him, but what actual purpose did his life serve now, if not to keep her safe and out of trouble?]
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[Stop judging him, okay. He feels like shit, and self-medicating is the only thing that makes the pain tolerable.

When Laura reaches for the flask, he raises his eyebrows and almost, almost smiles. There's definitely some crinkling going on at the corners of his eyes, and he seems amused.

But then he coughs, and one cough leads to another. It sounds kind of wet, and not because he's drinking, but at least another swig of the booze will wash away the coppery taste on his tongue. And then, as if nothing had even happened, he puts the flask away and goes back to regarding Laura; though now he just looks tired.]

Yeah, no. Maybe in about another ten years.
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[He snorts.] Yeah. It's called time-travel.

[Which is bullshit, by the way, when you're fucking around with the real deal. But this is the first time Logan's player has ever stuck him in this body, and taken him from this far ahead in time. Normally, he doesn't have to deal with being sick or the loss of his healing factor, because he's in a younger body.]
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Christ... Eden wouldn't have anything that'll make this go away. [Because it's not real.

He rolls his eyes and has another coughing fit, though it's not quite as bad as the last.]

You'd be better off finding Magneto, so he can rip this shit out of me. You know who he is, right? You read those stupid comics.
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[If Magneto had ever been inclined to actually kill him, Logan knows the old bastard would have had a better chance at it than anyone else. But when it had come to his powers, he'd always been capable of great finesse and precision, as well as showy shit like throwing cars and baseball stadiums around. Even if he were still around to try to remove the adamantium, Logan's healing factor might not be enough to let him recover. In his younger days, he thinks it would have worked. It's a morbid thought that sometimes crosses his mind.

Laura has a long way to go yet before the poisoning catches up to her, and Logan actually entertains the thought that maybe it won't at all. Someone tried to steal his healing factor once, and had partially succeeded. It's not like anything can be scientifically proven one way or the other, but Logan wonders sometimes if Yashida had indeed damaged his powers permanently, and allowed the adamantium to start poisoning his body in a way his healing couldn't keep up with. He'd started finding gray hairs not long after returning from Japan, anyways, so he was willing to lay money on Yashida being partially responsible. The old man had offered him death, after all.

Grunting, he finally eases himself down to just sit on the ground instead of holding the crouch. He is an old fucking man, after all.]

I don't know--not exactly. I lost a lot of my memories after they put that shit in me. [He nods toward her claws.] Some of them have come back, some haven't. Still have a lot of holes. If I was gonna guess, I'd say probably close to two hundred.

[His childhood is still pretty fuzzy, but he does have a few spotty memories of the Civil War.]
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Should I be keeping an eye for the polizei while you eat?