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Peter Maximoff ([personal profile] lovesrush) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-09 10:48 pm

idk where this loser came from (and neither does he)

Not too sure where you're going with this but sure, I'll bite.

Hey, how's it going? Name's Peter and I'm here because somehow "the mun" [ using those air quotes here, super fancy ] decided I need to come around for whatever reason.

Anyone wanna take bets on how long this will last?

I'm guessing 86,400 seconds.
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Too long.

[..... The time, that is.

86,400 seconds is 86,399 seconds too long, in her opinion.]
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[She squints. Generosity is really not the answer here. She may have learned a thing or two while on the road - things a lab certainly will never teach you - but it doesn't change her distrust of anything that puts bars around them, whether they're real or metaphors.]

Should escape quick. They'll turn on you.
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[Her accent is thick as she speaks.]

Do you want to be?

[Because she's not really sure, herself. What she wants, anyway. This place is bad. Being put on a shelf seems worse. And at least she's relatively safe here. Able to see Logan, maybe even Charles. That has to count for something.]
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Wayyyyyyyyy too slow. Catch up dude.
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Mun, mun, mun. Do you know what it's short for?
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[ Scoffs. In this economy? ]

I like where your head's at. Nah, it's "mundane," like boring, dull, holy shit I'll do anything for 30 seconds of freedom from my crap life.

Get it? You're a fix, kiddo.
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It's called job security. All you gotta do is stay more interesting than they are. And what does all this [ A loose gesture with her fingers, sweeping from his feet to his head. ] scream if not "I'm so interesting."
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[ That he doesn't take it as an insult is a point in his favor. Which way not actually be a point in his favor. ]

You could, or you could not let it get that bad in the first place. Get in on a game, or go get your dick wet on a meme, they love that.
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Man, I like you. No existential crisis bogging you down, you just cut right to the chase. You really don't care that you're not real?