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that guy who has to get back to the past

Imprison me where you will. Turn me into a monster. I've survived all of it before.

You will grow bored of it in time. Even Aku did.
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Aaaahahaha, is that truly your only strategy? To simply endure and... Wait things out?

How well has that been working for you, samurai?
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Oooooooh, you know how it is when you have an entire empire of evil to maintain! So much to do, and so very little time... I have simply been distracted by more important things! Far more important things.

But if it is a fight you want, then a fight! You shall have! For I shall not be bested by any mere mortal!
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Yeeeees, yes. You've said this before. Or something like it. You failed to defeat me then, and you will continue to fail!

After all, samurai. Not all tricks are magic, are they?

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...hope you get somewhere that's not too bad, anyway.

[They think about patting him on the arm, but they're not quite sure if he'll like it or get angry, so they settle for their words and a sympathetic stare.]
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[He sounds like he's been having a rough time. People sometimes react badly after that, is all.]

'M tougher than I look. [Dismissive handwave.] If you turn into a monster, I hope it's a good kind, too.

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I don't know if I'd go giving them ideas, if I were you.

[Now you're ABSOLUTELY gonna get turned into a monster.]
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You should be careful what you wish for, mon choupinet.
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Ah, so you can hope. There are times when even action is denied. What would you do then?

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[ Oh, it's HIM! ]

Yes, for once I must agree—you are very tiresome, Samurai.
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Awh, give it up, Samurai. My rule has been law for thousands of years and it will be law for thousands more. Perhaps you've noticed how I have eradicated all of the time portals. Even an army of fools as heinously righteous as you couldn't topple my rule.

When are you going to get it, Samurai Jack? Another fifty years?

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You sound as though you've been through a lot! But like you're ready to endure more. That's good.
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It's better to endure than to die. If you endure, when there's an opportunity, you can take advantage of changed circumstances. If you die you can do no such thing.

[It's a struggle against despair that she knows well.]

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... Truth be told, many of these worlds are less strange than what we've experienced already.

[ Like. Meeting yourself from fifty years in the future. Yeah. Like that. ]