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SMT: Persona 5 - still playing, but spoilers are OK.

Well, I certainly can't judge your judgment there. (A slight "heh heh" sounds.) Good to see someone out there (for once) recognizes my skills. I'm a pretty talented person, aren't I?

(A sigh sounds. "But, y'know...")

As much as I don't really want to be in your head, I see that there is no point in fighting you right now... because heads seem to be much harder to convince than hearts.

(Well, for now and alone. A slight narrowing of the eyes.)

So, how about we strike up a deal? Aw, don't worry. It's not really anything that unreasonable. Just help me regain my true form, maybe even find the others, and I'll certainly put up with a meme or two on occasion.

("Basically, let's put this simply? I scratch your back and you scratch mine. Give and take?")

We both get what we want then. How about it, Mun-san?
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...Mun should take the offer, if mun won't be doing anything bad to talking cat.

[Oops. Somebear doesn't know that Morgana isn't a cat.]

Can Ice Bear help in anyway?
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...What should Ice Bear call you then?

[He nods his head lightly.]

Ice Bear always cooks for friends. Not-cat should have a party after finding everyone.
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[Cats. Yu's one true weakness. Talking cats. Make that an even greater weakness.]

You're quite the negotiator.
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[Huh, a talking cat that isn't Gouto.

Far be it from Raidou to pass up such an opportunity, the young man kneels and quietly--very carefully... pulls a sprig of foxtail grass from within his cloak and waves it in front of Morgana.]
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Mun wants to share a funny story about why he gasped in delight and asked me to tag you - Morgana, right?

Also that form is adorbs and I hope you get to keep it after getting your real body back.
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Not embarrassing to YOU.

So like there's a game about your exploits? You and the Phantom Thieves. And the company that made it tried to take down videos of people playing... a game about doing crimes to spite unjust authority figures.

Mun thinks that's really funny. Calls it the stylish yet illegal Let's Play.

And - nothing wrong with being a cat. Unless you're actually human, of course. I know you'll get your real body back someday.
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About where are you so I can avoid spoiling?

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Ah, there you are. I didn't think it would take you long to find this place.

It reminds me of Mementos. Am I wrong?

And, well, let's be real: between myself and several members of our crew who shall remain nameless, you're used to putting up with memes by now.
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Re: Currently? 10/30, I think. (Man, I'm flying by in game it was 5/2 when I posted this.)

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I'll consider them practice wearing small-p personas. Cognitive exercises, of a sort.

...You do of course realize how valuable you are to the team, don't you? Skull's frustrations and, hrmn, poor grasp of discretion aside. Without you we'd be rotting back in the castle, never mind introducing me to our rather charming route into the Death Star, or everything else you do and have done for the crew.

Sister mine releiving some of your duties just allows your talents as a healer and in casing Palaces to come to the fore.