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I-- well, I find it fun that you want to join a game with me.

Astral, even.

I just think ... well. May the Force be with you, right?
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Astral, huh?
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I've just never heard it used much before.
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I haven't either. Don't tell me you were stuck on a desert planet too?
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Who did you travel with? Your family?
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That sounds really nice. [She smiles and cants her head to the side.] Jedi are...nearly extinct during my time.
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You shouldn't wish that. Believe me, the galaxy is worse off without the Jedi. [Organizations like the First Order tend to rise up in their place.] I...hid from it too. At first.
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Who are your parents? [Family. Rey longs to hear more.]

Yeah. I was scared. This lightsaber... [She pulls out Luke's - and Anakin's - lightsaber.] ...called to me and I didn't know how to take it.
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[Oh! Rey gapes for a moment.]

I didn't know he had children.
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Luke is...the last Jedi. During my time.

I'm going to meet him to give him back his lightsaber.
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The first? How can that be? [So many came before. Unless the phrase means something else?]
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[Memories from her vision fill her mind for a moment and she blinks rapidly, expelling them.]

It...fails. He loses it. All because of one student. [She takes a steadying breath.] But he, at least, survives.
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I had a vision when I found this lightsaber. I saw the academy burning and Luke unable to stop it. I also heard the story from Han Solo.
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I found it on Takodana. Maz Kanata had it in her castle, hidden in a chest. [She hasn't a clue how it got there except... Maz does a lot of trading. If something happened to Ben's mother...]

No. He sounded pretty sad.