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Voice Test, you cannot summon me; you cannot control me. Even speaking these words is a waste of my time and breath. There is much to do and see before things are set right.

[His lips twitch, almost smirking.]

I gave my word. Do you suggest I break it?
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Isn't this already proof that your mun can control you?

I mean, you wouldn't be here complaining about it if that weren't the case, right?
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Yeah, sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.

I'm not a kid, I'm fourteen! And what do you mean by that, anyway?
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[She huffs, crossing her arms across her chest.]

Pshaw. Shows what you know. This is all just a dream anyway. In reality, I'm sound asleep at home. Besides, even if that were the case, it's not like I care about the place I was before. Hades is no place for a delicate young maiden like myself!
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[Casually, she smacks his hand quite a bit harder than necessary.]

Duh, I'm not dead! How many times do I have to TELL people that!? [Once more, apparently. Denial is a superpower if you have enough of it.]

And don't touch me, you big creep.
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[Excuse you.]

Hades is a prison in the Netherworld--not at all an appropriate place for such a sweet, innocent girl like me. If I were really dead, I would have gone to Heaven, or Celestia, or wherever. This obviously isn't heaven, ergo, I'm. not. dead. [She punctuates her words by prodding him in the chest with a fingertip. No sense of danger, this one.]

Besides, pinching only works if you do it to yourself.

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Buck up! Exploring these new lands is fascinating, and a great deal of fun. It's an opportunity, not an imposition.

[... well, sometimes.]
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Very much so. I have a great deal to do at home myself, but coming and going has made it apparent that circumstances will keep.
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Haha! You can, with few limits. I've found a variety of pursuits that keep me busy and are mind-expanding! [She seems equally relaxed! This kind of debate is fun for her.]
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[Amused, and bemused, in turn!]

Perhaps? What do you usually do?

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[The worst part isn't even that this isn't his first encounter with the guy (a guy, whatever).

No, the worst part is his mun thinking it might be funny for him to have to bite his tongue to keep from calling him -sama. That shit's just gross and Neji saves face by-- looking blank? Okay.]
What happens next is hardly up to you to decide.

There are higher powers deciding for us, here.
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[It's actually really difficult to pretend to not be offended by having a good chunk of his beliefs dismissed as being for weaklings but Neji's strong.

He can do this. (The question of why he's doing it is something else entirely.)]

The same is true for people from other worlds you might meet. It wouldn't be wise to think they are weak only because of that.
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[How very... much like an Uchiha.] That's fair. [HE GUESSES.]

So it means you're only here to... entertain yourself, then? [With the implication of "and not because you're being forced to" is, well. Implied. Neji you don't even honestly know who you're talking to shut up.]
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that was actually a typo but fck it I'm keeping it

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That doesn't quite strike me as worthwhile, Uchiha-sama.

[If it's just about meeting strangers-- gods, what strange people.]
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