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planning to app to littlehades

You mean to say I have the opportunity to go to Hell? Were it but one consonant, you would be making all of Asgard very happy. [except no one knew you were even gone, little buddy, for like. ages]

I've since accepted it, but sending me there . . . well, I would again be fresh. Still with feathers in my throat. Nasty business for all. Are you prepared?

. . . Well, so long as I can partake in the usual shenanigans.
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Yes, you can go to hell.

The Scarlet Woman on the other hand should speak with mun before any field maneuvers, or new grid coordinates are authorized. That ship is out of control. Did you know that holding an officer captive is a highly punishable offense? Mutiny is considered treason. Good thing Gideon keeps all the data stored. Corrective and preventive measures are currently under review by the President.