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Seriously?! After all this time you think you can just waltz back over here and everything would be peachy? You think because you've rewatched some random episodes on TV you can do this again? Aren't you the one who always said everything goes downhill after season five... which, thanks by the way that's just so generous of you.

Can we just move on please? Give it a week or two and I'll be back on the shelf and you'll be doing... whatever it is you do.
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Your friend ain't wrong.
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I'm free to opine that things go downhill after season five, love.
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Oh look, it's you again.
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No, but you're the third Buffy I've met in the past month.
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Mmm, possibly. Although our natures hardly go well together, no matter how much my writer would like to see me as history teacher at Sunnydale High.

Not that I would be the first nonhuman to teach there, mind you.
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Ah . . . wendigo. Do you know what that is? My writer says that you don't tend to look things up until you have to.

I'm not a stupid monster, though, so I wouldn't be the sort to pick a fight with you. Quite the opposite.
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Didn't you know? Nostalgia's the 'it' thing this month. You might as well enjoy your two seconds in the limelight before fading into obscurity like the rest of us.
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I can relate.
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Tell me about it. They can't even claim they're getting on the latest bandwagon, considering ours stopped a long time ago.
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Unfortunately, my handler informs me that those are trying to make a comeback.
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My player and your player are in total agreement 'bout your canon! How rad is that?
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Totally rad! Right on, my fellow hot blondie!