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used to play him, re-reading fma makes me pine for the olden days

Hey, nice to see you again, and no.

Appreciate the thought, but I'd rather stay dead than deal with your shit.

[Yeah, well, at least I don't piss with my leg up.]

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No. Bad dog.
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Who's a good boy?
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You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for insults, aren't you?
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I don't have to be creative.


Low hanging fruit? [.......] Oh, so you aren't neutered. You should probably look into that.
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What? Were you inbred or something?
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Huh. [Give her a second.]

Like a mixed breed?
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[Heh. Lab.]

So... do you play fetch?
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Why? Is there much more going for you?
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[ Don't mind the laughter of your best friend over here. ]

Who's a good Dorchy~ Who's a good Dorchy~?
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Didn't think I'd ever see you around here.
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I don't mean to be ungrateful; it's just been... a long time since I've seen anyone from my crew around.

Makes a guy antsy.
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I'm so sorry about the delay!

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Maybe it does a little. I wouldn't consider it going soft, though.

[He doesn't sound bothered. On the contrary, he just sounds pretty cheerful.]

I'm feeling a little nostalgic, that's all.
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She's taking a break right now. Not sure I trust her on that, but what can you do? I doubt it's going to be a long break, but I've been in and out of 'em for a few years now.
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I know exactly what you mean. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me-- especially because I've been around for a while.

It's ridiculous.