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To be honest i dont think the font settings i have actually matter
and to be even further honest im not even sure when i picked them in the first place.
I suppose its one of those mysteries that are always afoot in this neck of the woods.
Uh well jungle technically.
Theyre both kind of the same thing though except for all the ways that theyre different.

Gosh i just dont know what to say!
But thats okay because maybe you dont either and well both not know what to say at each other and get along splendidly.
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[ Holy shit.

That green font fills him with a whole god damn lot of emotion. Of course Jake is fine. Of course Jake English is completely unruffled by this turn of events. He has to laugh. It's a relief. Such a fucking relief that he's okay and somehow taking all of this in stride. ]

You shouldn't put much faith in them.
They seem great at first but next thing you know you're wearing lederhosens and fighting Santa.
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No. Actual thing that happened,
dude. Turns out Santa has hooves and a mad fucking grudge. Say goodbye to coal in your stockings,
motherfucker wants to turn your house to charcoal.
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I don't know. If Santa is into candy flavored sodomy but I wouldn't put it past him.
But nevermind that. I'm sure the chances of that happening again are slim.
If anything, it would probably be the Easter Bunny out for revenge.
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Take an arm. Easily.
And given it's the month of resurrection, there's no way that thing isn't also carrying some variation of the zombie plague.
I'm just saying.
We should all brace ourselves for the day that furry piece of shit decides to rise up out of the shadow of the greater holiday mascots.
World won't be the same.
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Definitely deadlier.
They make the Rabbit of Caerbannog look like a housepet.
We'll definitely need to stock up on explosive rounds. Blunt and bladed weapons, too.
I'll leave the shooting for you and get up close and personal. Nothing says done like a katana through the cerebellum.
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Knew I could count on you, Jake.
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Shenanigans aside...
How are you holding up?
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No reason.
Can't a guy just ask how his best friend is doing without having some ulterior motive?
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I've sworn off ulterior motives.
All my irons are plainly in this fire.
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I'm OK.
The irons are helping.
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I hope you're not planning on doing anything dangerous.
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A lifetime of friendship.
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Dude. You can't even handle Brobot at a 2.
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Somehow, I don't think that's as comforting as it was intended to be.
What the hell are you planning.
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Puzzles are not all they're cracked up to be IRL.
But where the fuck are you planning to go?
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I don't think you want to come here, dude.
It's got adventure for days but also murder. Like, DD had nothing on the shit that's going down here.
Even I don't think I could orchestrate such a flawless clusterfuck of human drama.
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No, Jake.
I'm very much alive.
So god damn alive that there's two of me here.
We're just neck deep in the middle of what could rightfully be boiled down to a shitty double murder mystery nobody asked to be a part of.
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This shit is Jane's bag.
Couple've girls got murdered last month.
We're hunting for the killer, insofar as we can in a land of magical bullshit and stepford smilers.
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Astute observation, English.
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I'll be sure to let you know if one drops.
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Beggars can't be choosers, man.
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Tell you what.
If you happen to swing my way, I'll make you a block puzzle.
No guide though.
That's cheating.