sailorfuk_u: (Eat shit asshole! Fall off your horse!)
Popuko ([personal profile] sailorfuk_u) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-06 12:03 am

so how bout that anime confirmation? (canon is Pop Team Epic)

So you thought it was some April Fool's prank at first, huh? What, you sayin' we're not good enough to deserve an anime!? FUCK YOU.

They even went to all that trouble pulling the bait and switch Hoshiiro bullshit as the actual prank but you missed it entirely and just jumped to that conclusion like the dense, ungrateful prick you are! Shit!

... Oh, and don't think rereading the series and finally making me this account makes up for any of it. Now you just look like a hipster elitist trying to get in before the anime crowd. Probably 'cuz that's exactly what you are, lol. GG, lameass.


Why are you still looking at me? I'm done. Get out of here.

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