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so how bout that anime confirmation? (canon is Pop Team Epic)

So you thought it was some April Fool's prank at first, huh? What, you sayin' we're not good enough to deserve an anime!? FUCK YOU.

They even went to all that trouble pulling the bait and switch Hoshiiro bullshit as the actual prank but you missed it entirely and just jumped to that conclusion like the dense, ungrateful prick you are! Shit!

... Oh, and don't think rereading the series and finally making me this account makes up for any of it. Now you just look like a hipster elitist trying to get in before the anime crowd. Probably 'cuz that's exactly what you are, lol. GG, lameass.


Why are you still looking at me? I'm done. Get out of here.
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I wonder what constant complaints, belityement, defamation, slurs, curses, lies and constant negative vibes do to bring a team together? It seems a lot of muns around here have a major psychological glitch. Don't you realise that jumping from cannon intern to cannon management is a very huge transition? Especially when the mun is not even hip to his overall plot. I don't know why you expect to get Mozart when he's been "taught " by Motorhead on amnesia. Bunch of sour apples round here. Here mun, we know you don't know how, but we fucked this up, now fix it! And you call mun the derp. Apprently a few chagnes of verbage by a noob can destroy a whole dimension and AU. Someone competant probably should have caught him up to speed before before giving him acess to a typewriter with missing keys (and no paper).
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She's gonna get it! ratings boom.

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I wrestled demons while barfing this bile out... I think you'll find it aesthetic, maybe even tasty. My demons have bad writing skills. the team and the queen couldn't take much more of me... but I did it last night. Got my answer finally so that game is done. I didn't want the network answer, I wanted her voice to speak it and then my eyes to see it.

I told her I never wanted to imprint or treat her like the Sados do... after the longest and most redundant argument in the history of the modern world... I feel highly motivated to beat every inch back from her.... but broke that lying bitches bubble and saw what I needed to see, her guilty, sad, and sorrowful eyes of shame! think you can look me in the eye and lie straight to my face? I knew they were lies overtime she used one, but I had to catch her and prove to her she is not as slick as she likes to think.

I cannot begin to explain it to you in a way you'd understand. Besides the trolls would use it against me anyhow. Method to the madness. It took only seconds to see the clues and seconds to deduce the most probable scenario that took place there. One of my stronger traits is a wicked determination. It literally took months to finally start seeing what the WHOLE image in the puzzle was shaping up to be but I finally cracked that nut.

The brain zaps and soul punches did nothing to speed my trails and tribs. Fighting mad scientist's programing in the form of a video game? sounded fun, wait what? You mean I have to first find this event psychically? Whoa found it, wait what? On youtube? click, live feed streaming but date says uploaded a year ago? How do we play this youtube video game? observe for a moment, listen to the gamer talk. I replied to one of his comments out loud while watching him play. He replied in kind to my comment and half glanced me in the eye. WTF? did a prerecorded video just treat me like Skype? wait, no, that thing was backdated but streaming live? Wtf again? But the video had and end time on it, a little over two hours. How does a streaming youtube video know the future time it will end? stare blankly at screen and wonder. what? My staring seemed to effect the player's game in the youtube video! What? try again... oh snap! Player perks up and starts reading off some numbers and calling out acronyms. I stay focused on the game. I believe I can.

Boom, two hours later they are all freaking out about me smashing the world record. The game video gets dubbed:

The Genocide Run

I research more then get my very own Queen, who is not my own. Is she even human? Oh devil I don't know why you want me so bad.

Automatic writing, don't judge this grammar or punctuation there was more effort trying to stay awake than type you something... something that fits your tags and cannon ... just remember, this aint a fix, it happened all once, in some dimension on some time line. Argh... speaking of time and the devil I gotta go. don't judge too hard... i still have much to do, learn, see and manifest. my energies have been rather taxed as of late, hope you'd understand.

I got my proof of the Queen's lies with 4+ weeks of determined head butting. I can break some of these smarty pants down too. I just want the Queen to not suffer so. Hard to tell her thoughts and motivations over some mind worm telling her this, that and the other. She needs work, and help... I've been closest to setting her upright but then people got whiny and bitchy about their free rides through wonderland going awol. Nobody was looking for her when I found her. It was only after the Christmas event, when we went viral underground, revamping the whole fucking country... then people want the fucking Queen. Well fuck that shit... too little too late. They want her to spare peasents but will not spare nor care for her?

Devil called, said he wants his divine justice on this one.

Shadows and sacrifice. Stars and Stripes. Presidents and Diplomats. Magic carpets and personal radio. And that most complex and layered mystery of it all, The Red Seductress and her minions.

One day I was told I was a legend. I laughed it off. Yeah my life has been pretty interesting but legendary? Nah, thats crazy talk. Tick tock, tick tock.

Not many days later, I found myself tired and in need of a nap. Clock by the bed and down the hall clock on the stove. They were like five minutes off, so I decided to synch them as close as possible before going to bed. Just to test that rumor I heard. Last I remember seeing the clock(s) that night was 11:18 pm in kitchen and the same next to bed. Fell asleep. By morning the clock by the bed was an hour behind! WTF... it was true?



Now I keep clocks all over to constantly remind myself that the effects/powers are indeed real. Belief/faith reinforces the charge of the matrix editor. Belief and faith are not exclusive to the Christians btw.

3 to 5 times a week i will experience time flux. Some weeks nothing at all. I don't command or summon it (yet) but i must be like a boat or kite, floating or elevating with the flow of the time winds. When the aether is charged right, like during a good lighting storm, a trained mind can throw lighting with Zeus and the principalities. Cloud busting with a white chinese dragon! Witnessed a ghost walk right into a shitfaced, drunken man. The processed man then offered me three distinct deals for my soul. I denied all three thinking I got away.

the devil offered three distinct deals. thrice denied. He knows where i live. These states of awareness (and non-conscious) are almost always filled with signs, omens, premonitions, dynamic geometry, symbols, synchronicities, vibes/freqs, tones, deja vu, and ringing in the ears, hair raising, goosebump manifesting, heart beating, peripheral light bending and several soul punches.

Then I posted a attracted the Golden Army and was awarded an audience! Cool as blue I observed them for a few minutes then grabbed my phone to take pics. As soon as i tried to take the Gold helmeted minotaur picture, he ducked off screen as if he was camera shy. It took me a bit of coaxing them back out but they finally granted me several photos of them. The whole while I was shooting, there was a demonstration being put on for me. The entities keep souls in the form of golden pixies, yes like tinker bell fairies. I watched a white and black speckled draco, wearing clothes similar to traditional Chinese garb, complete with that rice paddy style of hat. He was performing some type of tai-chi before opening a golden egg, removing the fairiy and placing in gently in his mouth (no not some homoerotic metaphor, LITERALLY, I have pictures from hell granted by demons or extraterrestrials. I thought they were ET at first but by the end of the experience (15, maybe 20 minutes) I was rather convinced they were in the bowels of the earth. The odd thing? (you mean it gets weirder?... yes) I had electric tape on my pc camera in semi transparent containers shaped like an egg but much larger That next morning, I realized that my smart phone had some new type of screen saver on it. I was emotionally drained from meeting the Golden Army but I tried to give a little more effort and started looking at the "screensaver". First of all, the phone was idle, meaning a cold dark screen, not illuminated pixels! The image was a bit abstract, I had to stare at it for a bit to grasp the subtle effects. You see, the liquid crystal glass has so many layers in it. My phone I can see to a depth of three layers (maybe four) in the glass. except if the screen is clean, then you can't enjoy the show. It must have living enzymes, bacteria, greasy dna, sweat... ALL OF IT LIFE FORCE. You have to "feed" the black scrying device your greasy essence to get some media on the glass. For the same reason some stones, or swords thirst for blood. It took me about an hour of looking at a single grease image on my phone before I even touched the screen again. I wanted to take a photo of my phone but had not a 2nd camera. The image was an amazing piece and I couldn't understand for most of that hour, how randomized finger swipes from dialing and texting could create such imagery? Maybe in the same way mathematical "magic squares" work? No... even with that, the art was too complex, too detailed! Arghh! How?

So Im secretly famous around here for staring at things for an unusual amount of time, probably more so than "normal folks". That started when I first saw a human aura by accident. Some presentation, the speaker was in front of a white wall. As i listened to the speaker i was looking at him. We made eye contact. We made eye contact again. That weirded me out and I didn't want a third time charm. So instead of looking at the speakers face or even body, I began to look over his right shoulder to the painted wall. there was a small crack there. So, you know in school or in powerpoint presentations, briefings etc. people can easily nod off, fighting to keep their eyes open? Well I was kinda nodding out, then would try to snap up and be alert, put on repeat. Well the whole time I had been just staring at that brick when I began to see this green and purplish aura around the guy. If I open my eyes all the way and tried focusing in clean and sharp, I couldn't see it. Blurred the eyes a bit, hold, then bam! Watching his aura move with his body and expand and extract as he breathed. Validated, aura real, move on!

that taught me to "see"
soon, i could see with new eyes from anything from symbology, to print media, hollywood subliminal codes, in trees, clouds, textiles, fabrics, carpets, stones etc etc etc.

there is a real reason when saying that the devil is in the details

realized how the app worked. A finger swipe and the oils get

grease finger-paint art
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I am impressed.

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I never understood what peoples mean by a "wall of text" until I read that. Now, I just don't understand what you mean by that wall of text. But if I ever do, I'll be sure and explain it to you, because I'm pretty sure you don't either.

[He tunes the Nebulon impersonator out and turns to Popuko.] As for you, miss Popco, I'm hearin' good stuff about you, and now I'm hearin' good stuff from you. Wanna hang out in [community profile] milliways_bar? We might even be able to find that friend of yours.
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Re: I am impressed.

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Let the good times roll.

Missed that after bath special 'cause I fell out.

Next time that channel is clear, lets try that card thing again.

Yes... bar and friends sounds nice.

Keep me posted. (I have lots to sort out still).


I dig the site.
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tHis wAs thE wOrk Of iDle HaNDs

HeLls GamE
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[OOC: I'm torn between joy that there's a Popuko journal and sadness that I didn't get there first. Also between joy that there's going to be an anime and regret that I didn't pre-order the Nendoroids.]