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listening to the order of ecclesia ost and really missed her so--

. . .

[There's no immediate answer, and Shanoa looks almost pensive.]

I'm afraid I don't understand. There's no purpose to my being here. I have done my duty, my lady.

[Sure there's purpose, Shanoa. Sometimes people just enjoy one anothers' company for the sake of it. It doesn't always have to be about a mission. --And even with many of her emotions and ability to grasp such things stunted, it clicks and Shanoa bows her head for a moment.]

Ah, I see... [And there's a very sincere attempt at a smile here.] Thank you. I enjoy your company as well.

[A beat.]

Are we to seek out others now? It has been some time, but if you wish to try these... "memes" once more, then I will oblige.
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[Someone immediately brightens up to see Shanoa!]

Shanoa! I'm so glad to see you!

[Is that a hug? Yep, that's a hug!]

How are you? Do you need any assistance with your glyphs at all?

[Since she could use Soma's souls to fuse them into weapons or release them entirely, she miiiight have spent their time apart researching a way to do the same with glyphs to help Shanoa out.

Also of course she immediately fusses over equipment, because she wants Shanoa to be safe. Who knows what these 'memes' can throw at you!]