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voice testing? (spoiler warning just in case) NieR: Automata - Endgame

I'm... Confused.

Starting this out with a "Dear Player" seems just as awkward as me even doing this in the first place. You're...


Maybe that's why I feel obligated to go through with this. For your sake. Because that's what I'm programmed for, right?

I'm too tired to question things anymore.

I'm tired.


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im sorry this is a shakey voice test QQ

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Humans don't make anything easy, do they?

[There's an overflow of emotions here, A2 isn't sure which ones are her own and which are 2B's or if they're both just mingled together after what the other android had pulled.

She's not sure if it even matters, in this strange hell of a limbo.
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hello!!!!! i only just made the journal so I have... nothing set up

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I'm here, aren't I?

[Here, forced into contact with someone who clearly would rather her not be here, judging by the way he defensively steps back, judging by the way he himself looks ready to fight. A2 gives a short, humourless laugh.

She doesn't move, either towards, like 2B's lingering data wants, or away, like she wants personally. Instead, artificial muscles are tense, and she waits to see if she might need to defend herself.
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A2 is super outside my normal character type so her tags are hard

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[He shrugs, but A2 still doesn't relax, the situation is tense, and her words are slightly guarded as she speaks.]

Are you still infected?

[She needs to know. To know if what she had done had helped in any way, had mattered. To know if she had saved anyone, to know if she'd done what 2B had asked of her.]
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Goodness! You're doing great too!

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[It's a few more seconds after he replies before A2 does anything, but once she's sure, she does relax. Only enough that it's no longer apparent that she's immediately ready for a fight.

She's still ready, but then again, she is an attacker model.

She wanted me to take care of you. [And now she can say she did. Mission accomplished, and all that stupid nonsense.]
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me too!! i love this game and i love being Dead emotionally

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She asked me to. [It was a mercy, she'd argue, knowing what she does now. 9S would have been murdered again by her, A2 is sure. Or maybe, just maybe, if she had been slower to act, 9S could have saved 2B and removed the virus from her systems.

What if's don't change what happened, though. It's pointless to dwell on it.
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it's honestly the worst i just want them all to be happy and most importantly alive!!!

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[She has no answer for him. He isn't the only one who lost someone who mattered to him, but she has no right to say that when she's the one who took 2B away from him, regardless of the reasons.

In that way, his anger, his anguish, is justified.

I hope you're able to meet her again, somewhere.

[It's the only words she can offer after another long, quiet moment. She has no right to console him despite 2B's data urging her to, to take care of him.]
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i think we're in the same timezone but unless you fell asleep at 4am and woke up at 9 like me...

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[Is she being calming? It doesn't feel like it, when she's watching him with cautious eyes, like he might actually snap on her again, and she'll be forced to go through the motions of fighting him again.

She really hates fighting other androids.

Maybe you could have. [He's one of the newer models, he's probably capable of doing that.] She didn't want you to have to fight her. [Especially when she was infected.]
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o9 nice!

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She gave me her memory data before I killed her. [She gives a small, almost unnoticeable shrug, and she hesitates, stops herself from saying anything else. This is such an undeniably weird situation.]

2B's last words... She told me to take care of you.
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Hell if I know.

[That answer, at least comes quick, without much thinking. Where do they stand with each other that was anywhere approaching normal or neutral?

What are either of them going to do with no machines left to fight? With no hope of humanity ever returning?
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[A2 scoffs as well, though it's at Pod 152.]

Mind your business before I scrap you. [There it is, some of her own self finally managing to show through underneath the torrent of 2B's memory data nonstop flooding through her system.

There isn't as much venom or malice in her words as there had been originally when 2B's pod decided to stick by her. Now? She just sort of misses the stupid thing. Maybe she'll see Pod 042 again one day.

Yeah. All of them were transferred.
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[It's weird on her end too. Memories of having spent time with him when the only time previous they'd crossed swords. Pleasant memories, sad ones, ones where 2B killed him. Each and every time she'd killed him.

None of them are hers, but there's still a weird feeling of- fondness for him. Oh, she'll fight him again if he starts it, but that doesn't mean she'll like it.

What do you want to do? [She's not some babysitter. She'll rescue his neck if it comes down to it, but hovering and fretting has never been her style.]
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[A2 gives another short laugh, this time she does sound amused.]

It's definitely for amusement purposes. Humans are pretty twisted individuals aren't they? I'd say screw them if it wasn't for the programming.

[She'd been yoRHa's toy long enough, and now she gets to be someone elses. Great.]
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Sounds helpful. [Combat models like her weren't exactly made to gather data. Or, at least not data about anything other than the fastest way to kill a machine.]

As long as I get sent somewhere I can kill machines it might not be so bad. [Maybe there'll be machines worth her time, wherever it is she gets sent.]
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[Surprisingly, A2 can understand why 9S might not want to be anywhere near any machines. Mostly thanks to 2B's memories.]

I just like killing them. [There's more to that, but that's the reason he's getting.]

My human isn't even sure what to do with me either. [A strange sort of common ground, she guesses.]
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Well, yours is a step farther than mine. [She gives a light shrug, the remaining tension finally ebbing from her form. There's no longer a threat here. It's small talk.

She's so, so bad at small talk.

A muse box, huh. Could be worse.
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[It's enough to jolt A2 as well, who flinches when the Pod suddenly pipes up.]

Shut. Up.

[She tenses again, but it doesn't last. She's also not as angry or as defensive as she sounds.]

I'm going to turn that pod in for scrap, I swear to god.
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I hope it was a good one and you had fun!

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[Wait. What? He'd really just let her trash his Pod that easily? Aren't Pods and those fancy new yoRHa units supposed to be attached at the hip or something?

A2 makes a disgruntled noise, and the waves her hand dismissively, not knowing what else to do since... she does actually enjoy the Pods. To an extent.

Not worth my time.
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\o/ im... working on voice testing 2B as well since she's more my speed if you're ever interested

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Not yet. [Tied to anything, she means.]

I guess I'm up for whatever too. Someone has to look after you. [And it's her. It's hardwired into her program now, no matter how much she kicks or screams.

It's another thing she doesn't actually mind despite her words that might insinuate otherwise.
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[She knows the feeling, buddy.

Also maybe she looks a bit familiar?]

Fuck humans. Seriously.