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THEODORE BAGWELL ([personal profile] bagwell) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-05 12:20 am

prison break; the boys are back in town.

Oh, it has been a long time, ain't it, pretty? 'Bout time I got a breath of fresh air.

Sorry, sorry, I'll stop complaining. God only knows I'm happy to be out.
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Beggars, as you well know, cannot be choosers.
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Well, of that, Mr. Bagwell, I've no doubt.

And might I add, many happy returns. We are often all the livelier for your company.
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Between you and me, I have it on good authority mine might be here faster than we realize.
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We may very well be on our way.

I do hope you haven't changed your line of work in all this excess time. I've always a need for a man of your — particular skill-set.
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It would appear miracles still find their way through.

Now, Mr. Bagwell, what, might I ask, do you intend to do with your newfound freedom that is both footloose and fancy?
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Because you're exactly what the doctor ordered. [ please be a revenant, please be a revenant. ]
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In my experience, most pills are a real bitch to swallow.

[ her eyes flinch briefly at her own words; maybe not the best metaphor, wynonna. ]
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Yeah? Save it for the nursery.

[ something about him gives her a serious case of the willies, but she stands her ground the only way she knows how: sarcasm and a clenched jaw. ]
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Gee, that offbeat humor must have really done wonders for you in the clink.

[ she leans, offering an air of superiority. ] I know enough to know you're lucky you're just an average, every day, run-of-the-mill scumbag, or else you and I'd be having a very different conversation.
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Oh, I'm sure a snappy guy like you can figure that out.

[ her fingers twitch at peacemaker's holster. ]
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Out where? [ Dickie's always in a little room too. But it's a different situation. ]