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wanting castmates @ hadriel

I do miss them, and I wish they were here. I don't know if this place is better than home - at least there was only one kind of monster at home...

And maybe dad and Clem would be better away from here. But it's not fair, I still wanna see them again!

At least mom would be alive if she were here. [ Like me, he doesn't say. ]
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[He looks so young. Brings back so many memories. Both painful and more bittersweet. Clementine isn't sure how to take it, exactly. How to feel in this moment, exactly. And then he mentions his parents.

Which only serves to hurt more, with Clementine knowing their fates.]
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I guess I have. Since you last saw me. It's....been a while.

[The height, the sharpened features at her face, the telltale injuries, such as her fingers. All of it obviously adds up. But he isn't wrong. She's still alive. Still fighting to make Lee's sacrifice mean something. To do what she can, what she has to, to survive.]
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D-Duck? [He's just going to... keep his head to the side, for obvious reasons.] ...I miss you too, kiddo. [That's all he trusts himself to say at the moment.]
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[He lets that sink in a moment, his brow knitting. Oh, kid, he wishes the lurkers were the only monsters to worry about but they're probably the simplest threat.]

Y'know, there's a real good chance you'll meet your friends an' family 'round here. I know I did. [A beat, his voice softer.] Not all of 'em, but.