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"Teen Titans: The Judas Contract" SPOILERS!

So you enjoyed it, I take it? That sure is nice, 'cause I didn't.

I mean, just...just look at all the details they got wrong! I'm not some angry little skank with a fucking pixie cut! I love my life, I enjoy myself! Yeah, my life's unstable but that don't mean I don't got it under control! Things are perfectly fine here in Tara Markovia, no thank you very much!

[Mun gives Tara a skeptical look, clearly sensing the denial and self delusions.]

Don't give me that look, playah! You KNOW I'm right! An-and where was the smokin', the drinkin', the partyin'!? These DC Animation assclowns made me look downright tame! And I will NEVER be tamed!

[Then what do you call what I do with you in my headspace?]


And Slade would never do that to me. He cares about me. Maybe he doesn't, like, love me as a person but the feeling's mutual towards him there. We've given each other too much for him to just casually throw me away an' out of his life like that. We complete each other! Oooh I just wanna find him and hit the sack with him right now!

[Has tried to explain the unhealthiness of her infatuation with that man before. It's not worked.]

At least we can both agree that Christina Ricci did me justice. Yeah I know you still like Ashley Johnson the best, but hey, it's all a matter of taste. Anyway, so long as you got me stuck with you in your headspace, you ought to let me do whatever you think will make me a stronger me. You take care, Munny!
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Aw come on it could always be worse!

They could have turned you red!
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Naw, I mean yeah you were kinda hot headed but we liked that about you.

My memory is a little hazy but basically you and I got dumped in some underground hunger games from hell. They experimented on me, turned me red, you looked out for me and we escaped together. Then things get fuzzy again. No idea where you are these days.
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Aw, you're the sweetest you know that?

[Must resist, urge to feel emotionally devastated]

Try not to worry about it. This multiverse stuff is enough to drive ya crazy...or more crazy.
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Try watching Teen Titans Go for a few hours. That usually does the trick.
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It's an acquired taste. Then again so are you.

[He winks playfully and wiggles his ears.]

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That does seem to be the theme with us.

Kinda sucks though right? Because doesn't it usually end bad for you too? I mean the other versions of you.
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I are a little less animated and a little more sassy then the others I've met so far.

But variety is the spice of life right? you are who you are because you want to be that way. And if you're someone that you don't like you're not going to enjoy yourself right?
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Ah, I had a feeling that might be the case. Never really met someone from that neck of the woods though. Neat!

[He wilts a little looking unimpressed.]

So...basically your a bully. And you're proud of it?
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I dunno...even if you're honest about it. Using people and hurting people who don't want to be used sounds like a bully to me.

Do you always pick people weaker then you or do you try to take advantage of people stronger and smarter then you? Because then you wouldn't be a bully so much.
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Are you kidding? Have you met Raven yet?

And I'm one of the laziest goof off "Do gooders" around.

I'm just saying people who pick on others, use them selfishly and hurt people who refuse to give them what they want? What does that sound like to you?

Seriously it's like you've never seen a Disney movie.
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From an AU where he was a founding member of the Teen Titans.

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Personally, my suggestion to your mun would be making you see a psychologist.
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Someone call for a Psychologist?
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Are you even still licensed to practice?
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Apparently so! I still hold down a part time gig at a hospital and another in a nursing home! It's canon!
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Oh I am the most fun!

Harleen Quinzel, but most people call me Harley! And in my professional opinion? You're having an identity crisis.
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Well at least you're aware of that. That's an excellent start!

Speaking as someone who has lived that life to great success and pain at times, what's so appealing about screwin' people over?
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Well we all have our different reasons.

In my case, since I was little I was always kinda fascinated with the macabre and creepy! That's why I studied psychology. I kept working and working and winding myself up so tight that when I snapped I snapped really hard and started indulging myself in all the wild, wicked and awful things that the world didn't want me to do.

Did I take it too far? Absolutely. But hindsight is twenty twenty ya know? It took having the object of my obsession ruin my life for me to see that I needed a change of direction. I didn't want to give up being wild and free, but I didn't want to keep getting kicked around either.

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It's either that or locking you in a room with Brion and some kind of power dampener.
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Interesting! I guess you come between me and Azula on the crazy train!
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I'm a witch and a recovering supervillain. What's not to get?
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Yeah! Learning how to quit causing trouble illegally...and how to cause trouble within legal boundaries instead!
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Nice! [Chuckles too.]
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[Charmcaster flinches a little, but grins back all the same.]
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Oh, NEVER too well-adjusted, don't you worry about that!