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apparently getting a movie for real this time, wow



You are all probably thinking, NO! NOT HIM! THE POWERFUL AND ALMIGHTY ZIM!


...What? What do you mean you don't have anywhere to put me? THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS?
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What did you even do to deserve getting dredged back up from underneath whatever rock it is you've been hiding under?
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behold my solitary animated icon

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All you deserve is a one-way trip into the sun!
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it's like the one holdover from the early 00s.

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You-! That wasn't because of you!

[ Careful, she might try to start strangling him with her bare hands. ]

If that stupid human hadn't helped you, I'd be an Invader by now and you'd be nothing more than a footnote!
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[ There's a frustrated, high-pitched scream that rips out of her throat. She hates him. She hates him so much. flames, flames on the side of her face If it were possible for her hate to be converted into any sort of physical form, he would be dead, struck down by the sheer force of it. ]

The one with the huge head! Dib!

[ She tugs on her antennae. All that teeth grinding can't be healthy. ]

Why did I think speaking to you again would be a good idea? You're just as stupid and oblivious as you've always been!
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To show off our vast SUPERIORITY, of course! Little did those FOOLS expect that we would be making such a MAGNIFICENT comeback! [...Except you just told them.] SILENCE!!
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Yes, it's BRILLIANT!!

[Then something hits him.] ...WAIT!!! How will we explain this to the Tallest?! Surely they will be wondering why it's taken so long to complete the mission!
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I need more screaming icons, tbh

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INGENIOUS! I was going to say that I was spending all of that time converting Earth into an enormous snack bowl, but that's MUCH better! [Sure, he stole that idea from his future self (hey, he would have come up with it on his own eventually!), but there's no way the Tallest would believe that it would take him that long to do that!]
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They'll be so impressed! MAYBE they'll let one of us pilot the MASSIVE! [Well, there was that one time, but seeing as Dib was steering part of the time and they crashed it through a planet or seven, he's not going to count it.]
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How amusing! However, I am the most obvious choice - I piloted a whole planet before! Piloting the Massive will be smeet's play by comparison! [Of course, he doesn't realize the stupidity of trying to brag about his experiences to himself.]
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Hey! I'm trying to fight a boss. Go scream at Dib or your stupid robot or something.
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Go find them then, duh. I think I saw them over that cliff over there.
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This post needs more SCREAM

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IT DOESN'T MATTER! Just inflict yourself on this open space, it's free!
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this post is now an approximation of hell

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It'd only take a quarter of me to conquer this filthy patch of cyberspace.

They stand NO CHANCE!
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...Literally who are you?
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No, I mean who are- [sigh]

Nevermind, I can already tell this isn't go to get me anywhere.

Why did they make me talk to you? You look more up Lincoln's ally with that dorky costume of yours.
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It's GIR, but less goofy.

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Okay, one: You don't have to shout. Really, mate, I could probably hear you from the moon or something.

[Says the spherical robot with one eye.]

Two, mind if I make a suggestion for a game? You're gonna love this.
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[Well! There's a new insult. At least the radioactive ant thing isn't calling him a moron.]

Uh... I'm a robot. Not a fruit. You can't exactly eat me or anything. You'd probably break your teeth or something if you tried to bite into me.

But anyway... Here's the game: You're minding your own buisness, doing whatever it is you're doing when you're not having a film made about you, when suddenly... BAM! You're in Wonderland. Like, Alice in Wonderland Wonderland. It's got gardens... And a forest... There's a beach there... And everyone lives in this huge mansion, that has things like a library, and cafes, and personalized bedrooms with closets that give you almost anything you want!

Oh! And if being stuck in Wonderland doesn't suit you, don't worry. Every so often, Wonderland has an event taken straight from the past experiences of one of the residents. So, there's a chance everyone gets to see what your home looks like! Sort of. Among other things.

[He forgot to mention the absurdly slow mem-loss and the evil doppelgangers that live on the other side of the mirrors.]

So, yeah. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?