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so I just read the search again T-T

[ a sharp peal of humorless, manic laughter marks the princess's arrival. she shoots her beady eyes upward, sneering at the one pulling the strings; the true puppet master. ]

Very clever, mother!!!

[ azula shouts, breathing heavily as lighting crackles violently inside of each one of her open palms. ]

I've lost my home, not my wits!

[ nearly screaming with every inch of her being, the young princess franticly and carelessly shoots the building energy in her mother's direction. ]

I'll burn this place to the ground if that's what you wish! If that's what it takes!

[ azula's close, she can taste her mother's desperation. ]

You're only delaying the inevitable.
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[personal profile] makeadragonwannaretire 2017-04-04 02:45 pm (UTC)(link) that's what it looks like.

[This is the first time Azula's actually seen herself at that level before. Needless to say she doesn't look too pleased.]

Don't give Mother that much credit. She doesn't deserve it.
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[To be fair, she should have expected that. She dodges to the side.]

As if I'd ever work with her!

Don't waste your energy! After all this time haven't you learned the only person you can depend on is yourself?
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And last I checked you were supposed to be calm and calculating! Not an irrational short tempered wreck!

[OK that might be more out of irritation at herself for still feeling that way. For now she's keeping moving and reaching for a bracelet on her arm in case she needs to show off her new powers.]

Every time you lose control SHE wins!
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Well I am you after all.

Just a different you. A you who's had some time away from the problem to study it from another direction.

You might notice I don't look nearly as sleep deprived for example.

[And her hair is combed, she's wearing weirdly modern clothes sure but she's still got that stance of a warrior princess.]

I am proof you can be more then this. Even more then what you dreamed for yourself.
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Oh dear, you seem to be in some distress Princess. Is there something I can do to help?
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[ Joo Dee may be conditioned but she's still got some sense of self preservation. With a yelp she scrambles backwards.]

I-if I have done something to displease you princess I apologize! I will do whatever I can to make up for it!
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Eep! B-but I do not work for the Dai Li!

[Too late Joo Dee! She's backing away bowing apologetically again and again.]

I just try to aid any who are in need now!
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N-no of course not!

...but um...if you would like I'd be happy to fix your hair for you Princess.

[Sometimes mental conditioning just doesn't leave room for self preservation.]
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Ooh, mommy issues and pyromania! You'll fit right in!
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No idea who that is! Then again, there's so many do-gooder-types these days - it's hard to keep track! This piece of art is the work of Batsy! ...Well, mostly - I tried a bit of self-inflicted plastic surgery that didn't go well.
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Bahahaha! And you think you're royalty! That's adorable. Seen a few Napoleons in my day, but never a full-blown princess!
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Oh, do burn it to the ground. But I lay claim to any treasures left behind.

[The dragon chuckles mirthlessly with glittering eyes.]
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Hello, beautiful! I think I'm likin' you!
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Honesty tends to get me farthest. And I was speaking honestly there.
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Woah! Princess Azula, calm down!
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[Right, clearly not the Azula she's familiar with. Charmcaster creates a magical forcefield in preparation.]