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I appreciate the sentiment but we both know the only reason you're bringing me out again is because you haven't played the new game. How about you start a replay of the first one? It's not like you'll do much with me on here anyways.
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...I feel like part of me should be offended and yet...
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I'd say that's a shame, but you can be kind of a handful, Shepard.
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Re: ASH!!

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It's supposed to mean you're trouble. [A grin, because alas e-mail tagging.] For Reapers and players.

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I'll try to lay off spoilers

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You don't even know what you're missing. I mean like, seriously. But sure, tell your mun to run through your story again. I'll wait.


I won't wait.
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[Challenge fucking accepted!] Uh, yeah. I got shit to do. I mean, in the game.

Here, uh ... yeah my mun has some ideas but she's waiting to finish it before she fleshes any of them out, which for me is booooriiiiiing. I'm here now; I wanna go do stuff.

So what about you? Think you can convince your mun to throw you somewhere interesting or are you stuck in this lovely nethersphere?