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Guess who just woke up again

 It's been a long time, mun. 

Not that I'm complaining! Adventures are fun, but vacations are nice too.

Does this mean I might get go somewhere again?

[He hesitates for a moment.]

But this time, do you think I could try to find Guilmon too? I really want to keep our promise. 
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Eh, it'll happen sooner or later. The pineapplehead's probably around here somewheres.
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['sup. You look like a trainer. Here, have a weird girl attached to a gigantic mouth]

[She tugs on his pants, looking up at him expectantly.]

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Sorry. They don't tend to let our Digimon partners join us.

[ Taichi sighs, then shrugs optimistically.]

You might be different. Keep searching!
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oh god me neither. i default to no most of the time, but "yes" is also fine!

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Ha-- yes!

[ Taichi laughs briefly, then shakes his head with a sigh. ] Well -- Takato-kun, you and Guilmon would both be welcome at [community profile] milliways_bar, I know. Yamato, Gabumon and I are all there.
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It's fun.

[ That's a quick response. Truth is, Taichi doesn't spend a lot of time there, because he knows Yamato (and his boyfriend) are there most of the time.

Oh, there is one thing he remembers: ]
They have EVERYYYY kind of food! Do you like food, Takato-kun?
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[ Taichi and Guilmon are practically the same person.

Tai shakes his head, then smiles apologetically. ]

No matter what food you want, they have it, and they get it for ya.