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Someone's bitter...

Mark my words, mundane, this is not the end of me.

Amara did not remain trapped within the confines of a staff. And neither will I!
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And here I thought my life was strange.
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Oh, just a familiar stranger.
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No, just a man with a life almost as odd as yours.
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Sometimes life just don't seem to want us to be free to be who we are, so we get barred off from all the fun stuff in some sorta prison or in an endless loop of total triviality and stillness. Your case just happens to be one of the worst possible.

At least I'm able to push back whenever I'm pushed into a corner...
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You've heard nothing about me.
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Heh. You heard wrong, Mr. tall, dark, and beardy. When I'm pushed into a corner, I drop an avalanche of rocks upon the stupid pissants who pushed me there to begin with.

And don't even start to accuse me of running away from my problems. What some may call "running away", I call "survival."
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And what about those of us who already have power? More power than we probably even wanted back when we came into this world? I think this goes for you as well as me.
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[Tara is now feeling a bit more afraid of this man - but she'll be damned if she's gonna let him see that. She gives a scoff and smirks with pseudo confidence.]

Dude, I could make the whole earth beneath you eat you if I so chose. You're already enough of a prisoner already, so you wouldn't want that now, would you?
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[Terra clenches her fist, and rocks start to form from the ground behind Jafar - just big enough for Terra to send flying up at the back of Jafar's head.]

Alright, sure. Let's...let's both take our leaves.
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[He's gone? Thank the gods...]

[Just to show off, Terra then finishes what Jafar's magic started and breaks the ground beneath her feet. She plummets down only to fly back up on a large chunk of earth she can control.]

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Trapped within a staff? That is certainly a...curious fate...